22 New Costco Clearance Finds


We found tons of great new Costco clearance finds this week in-store. Watch the clearance finds video to see all of the great Costco markdown deals and see below for an outline of everything we found and the prices. These are new, unadvertised deals on items in-store at Costco! Read this to learn how to read price tags to find Costco price reductions.

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Take a look at the video below or scroll down down to see a breakdown of each individual clearance product we found and the discount prices we spotted in-store. Not shopping in-store this week? You can also find lots of great clearance markdowns and deals online at Costco.com!

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New Costco Clearance Finds

Bodum Pavina Double Wall Glassware Set

Bodum pavina double wall glasses 8 piece set is Costco item number 1532919 and is marked down to  $19.97.  these are a super deal you can compare these at other retailers for about 50 to $60 for a set. each sack contains eight glasses including for old Fashions and for highballs. These have a double wall which insulates them and makes them great for keeping cold beverages cold or warm beverages warm.

If you missed this deal, you might like this set of 6 Bodum Pavina glasses.

Seville Classic Table Top Shields 2 pack 

The ultra Shield Seville Classics acrylic tabletop Shield is Costco item number one 48050 8 and is marked down to $18 in store. he’s are a very affordable way to add more separation in an office space hi there for added privacy or four additional covid protection.

Berkshire Eagle Thread Heathered Blankets

The Berkshire Eagle thread heathered blanket queen size 98 in by 92 in is Costco item number 15525 11 and is marked down to $14.97.

The Berkshire Eco thread Heathered blanket king size 112 in by 92 in is Costco item number one 552512  and is marked down on clearance to $16.97.

Tommy Bahama Coastal Lightweight Comforter Set Queen Size

This is a super deal on a Tommy Bahama comforter set! The Tommy Bahama Coastal lightweight comforter set queen size is Costco item number 227-7771 and its marked down on clearance to $39.97.  Tommy Bahama furniture and decor is great quality, we have everything from beach chairs and umbrellas to furniture and across-the-board the Tommy Bahama brand and home interior Decor is really high-quality I definitely recommend  giving these a try if you can find them.

Missed this deal? Check out these Tommy Bahama Comforter Sets.

Style Decor 6 Piece Comforter Set in King

The style Decor comforter set king size 6 piece set is Costco item number 1572788 and is marked down to $49.97.

Style Decor 6 piece Comforter Set in Queen

The style Decor comforter set queen size 6 piece set is Costco item number 15727 87 and is marked down on clearance to $39.97.

If you missed the Style Decor comforter clearance…take a look at these Lush Decor comforter sets for under $100.

2000 Lumens Rechargeable Heavy-Duty LED Work Light

2000 lumens rechargeable LED work light 2 pack is Costco item number 146-4865 and is marked down on clearance to $25.  These work lights can be used anywhere either indoors or Outdoors.

Jameson Black Barrel Irish Whiskey

Jameson Black Barrel Whiskey made in Ireland 1 Liter is Costco item number 10440 and is marked down on a Costco clearance to $29.97.

Avion Cristalino Anejo Jalisco Tequila

Avion Cristalino Anejo Jalisco Tequila 750ML is Costco item number 1651514 and is marked down on clearance to $89.97. Best tequila has creamy notes of vanilla pecans roasted agave and pineapple. 

Wild Turkey Straight Bourbon

Wild Turkey straight bourbon is a Kentucky bourbon and is Costco item number 34224 and is marked down on clearance to $24.97.

Woodbridge Chardonnay Magnum 1.5 Liter Bottle

Woodbridge California Chardonnay is Costco item number 87388 and is marked down on clearance to $5.97.

Kirkland Signature K Vine Chardonnay

Kirkland Signature K Vine Chardonnay from Washington is Costco item number 1462887 and is marked down to 4.97. James Suckling rates the 2020 Chardonnay 90 Points.

Kirkland Signature K Vine Cabernet Sauvignon

Kirkland Signature K Vine 2020 Cabernet Sauvignon from Washington is Costco item number 1462908 and costs $8.97. James Suckling rates the 2020 K Vine Cab 91 Points.

Duval Leroy Champagne

Duval Leroy Champagne Brut Reserve France is Costco item number 194890 and is marked down on clearance at Costco for $19.97. Recent vintages of the Ducal Leroy Brut Reserve have 91 Wine Spectator points.

Costco Kirkland Signature Dog Toys

This adorable 4 pack of Kirkland Stuffie dog toys includes a croissant, Kirkland SIgnature Cabernet Sauvignon, a Costco card and Kirkland Dogka. This is a super fun, really cute set! Bark Party Pack Bundle of Kirkland Signature Favorites is Costco item Number 153020 and is on clearance for $4.97.

Conair True Glow Sonic Facial Exfoliator Brush

The Conair True Glow Sonic facial brush and exfoliator is Costco item number 1434056 and is marked down to $20. These handheld home exfoliators are great and make a really good deep exfoliation much easier to accomplish at home. I have one and use it and really liked it and I think $20 is a great deal.

Taylor Digital Waterproof Kitchen Scale

FoodSaver Bag Combo Rolls and Pre-cut Bags

FoodSaver bag combination rolls and pre-cut bags is Costco item number 3569569 and is marked down to $24.97. It appears that a Kirkland brand food saver bag combo will be replacing this branded item.

Ubio labs 2 in 1 Charging Stand Black

Ubio labs 2 in 1 charging stand in black is Costco item number 1999555 and is marked down to $14.97. This wireless charging stand is a great deal for $15.

Danby Upright Freezer

Danby upright freezer is marked down to $499.97. This freezer has a 5 year warranty and I love the footprint of it being an upright as it makes it much easier to get a volume of items in and out in my opinion.

Seville Classics Bamboo Organizing Box 10 Piece Set

The Seville Classics bamboo organizing box set includes 10 pieces and is Costco item number 1478138 and is marked down on clearance to $20. I have this exact item at home and use it in my flatware drawer. These are great for maximizing space in a drawer that doesn’t otherwise hold a fixed flatware caddy organizer. It also offers a wide variety of layouts so you can fit whatever it is that you need in your drawer in an organized way.

Calphalon Wok

Calphalon Wok is Costco item number 1529436 and is marked down to $17.97 on clearance. Calphalon is a great brand and this is a super price especially for a walk of the size. The walk measures approximately 10 in.


Costco Clearance Finds
Costco Clearance Deals – 22 new clearance items we found this week at Costco!

What Costco clearance finds have you found in your store? Let us know what markdowns and deals you’ve taken advantage of so we can look for them too! We love saving money in Costco so please share your #costcofinds us and tag us in social media or drop them in the comments below!

Costco Clearance Finds
See This Week’s Costco Clearance Finds! We Found 22 Great New Price Reductions!

Costco Clearance Finds FAQs

How Do You Find Costco Clearance Deals?

Costco Clearance Deals - How to Spot Price Reductions By Reading Price Tags for 97 Deals

In short, you need to look at the item price tag. When products at Costco are marked down on clearance they end in .97 or .00 cents. Reading price tags is the only way to know it’s on clearance. Here’s the guide to reading Costco price tags and identifying clearance deals.

Does Costco have online clearance deals or a Costco clearance website?

Costco Clearance Finds Online

Yes, you can find Costco clearance deals online as well as in-store. The deals tend to be different, and you can identify them the same as in-store markdowns by reading the Costco pricing codes.

What does a 97 cent deal mean at Costco?

Costco Clearance Markdown - Baked Brie en Brioche with Apricot

.97 Deals at Costco refer to price reductions, or Costco clearance items. Prices that end in .97 or .00 indicate a discount price, these prices have been reduced from their original price. See our Guide to Costco Clearance Price Tags to learn how to read price tags and spot them in-store.

What does a star on the price tag mean at Costco?

Costco Price Tag With Star *

Price tags notated with a star (or asterisk “*”) mean that a product will not be restocked. This usually means the product has been discontinued. Occasionally it also happens when a supplier changes the product (new packaging, new flavor, new quantity, etc.).

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