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Whole Turkey at Whole Foods – Organic and Conventional

Whole Fresh Turkey at Whole Foods Thanksgiving Christmas

If you’re shopping around for your Thanksgiving, Christmas or Holiday Turkey and wondering how much the whole turkey at Whole Foods costs, you’re in the right place! 365 By Whole Foods has both organic whole turkey and conventional turkeys available in-store and online now…as well as a full range of prepared turkeys, a la carte sides and complete turkey, ham and combo Thanksgiving dinners.

Let’s stick to the whole 365 Turkey for this one…both the 365 brand whole turkey options at Whole Foods increased $0.50 per pound for Thanksgiving 2023. See all our Thanksgiving finds here.

Whole Turkey at Whole Foods - Organic and Conventional - CostContessa

Organic 365 Whole Turkey

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Whole Turkey at Whole Foods - Organic and Conventional - CostContessa

Conventional 365 Whole Turkey

Important Note: these are frozen turkeys. The display I found in-store had them in an open refrigerated case, but they were still frozen. If you’re ordering these on Amazon-Whole Foods delivery they will come frozen as well. I strongly suggest you be sure to purchase these with enough time to defrost them.

How Much are Organic 365 Turkeys at Whole Foods?

The Organic whole turkeys from 365 cost $2.99/lb at Whole Foods. These are available in-store or via Whole Foods Amazon delivery. This is a SUPER deal for an organic whole turkey – it’s a $0.50 per pound LESS than the organic whole turkey at Costco this year!

The organic turkey at Costco is from the brand Norbest if that makes a difference. In my personal experience, I have had very good luck with the 365 brand – as a general statement – and I do hold it in high regard for quality and taste. That said, I have not have not done a side by side taste test of Costco vs Whole Foods – if you have PLEASE share your opinion in the comments, we’d love to hear what you think!

How Much are Conventional 365 Brand Whole Turkeys?

The conventional Thanksgiving turkeys from 365 by Whole Foods cost $1.99/lb this year. These are available in-store or via Whole Foods Amazon delivery. We think this is a reasonable price for a turkey that’s Animal Welfare Certified by Global Animal Partnership, has no added growth hormones and is traceable to farm/ranch.

About 365 Brand Thanksgiving Turkey from Whole Foods

Both of these options are high quality and meet the stringent requirements of food at carried at Whole Foods.

  • Meets standards for animal welfare, feed, and more, so you can know about what you’re buying (and eating)
  • No added growth hormones or antibiotics, ever
  • Traceable to farm or ranch.
  • Animal Welfare Certified by Global Animal Partnership
  • Vegetarian Diet

Prepared Turkey at Whole Foods

If you’re looking for the prepared food and meals, Whole does offer a HUGE selection of Holiday Catering for the entire fall/winter holiday season…we have bought both the prepared/cooked turkeys as well as entire meals and have enjoyed them. They also offer surf and turf, ham meals, and al la carte. I definitely recommend them for good and still reasonably priced meals – plus they sell organic meals (turkey and sides!). We have also had good luck with Bristol Farms – but it’s notably pricier.

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Whole Fresh Turkey at Whole Foods Thanksgiving Christmas
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365 Organic and Conventional Whole Turkey at Whole Foods in 2022

Historical Price Notes:

  • in 2022, Organic Whole 365 Turkeys were $2.49/lb and Conventional Turkeys were $1.49
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