Pocky at Costco, 12 Ct Variety Pack

Pocky at Costco

Pocky has grown a lot in popularity over the last few years, and you can grab a 12 count variety pack of Pocky at Costco now – it comes with 3 flavors: Cookies and Cream, Chocolate Cream, and Strawberry Cream. It’s available in-store and online at Costco.com.

Pocky are sweet biscuit sticks dipped into flavored coating. It’s good and very fun for kids. It’s also a popular addition to dessert boards and candy boards because they add a nice dimension versus all the square and circle chunkier shape most desserts come in…especially the strawberry cream for Valentine’s Day. Did I mention they are delicious too? Just making sure.


Each Variety Pack of Pocky at Costco Contains:

  • 3 Strawberry Cream
  • 6 Chocolate Cream
  • 3 Cookies and Cream
Pocky at Costco
Pocky at Costco – 3 flavors, 12 boxes

Costco Price and Item Number

Glico Pocky Variety Pack 12 Count is Costco Item Number 1432124 and costs $8.99 in-store.

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Where To Find It At Costco In-Store

Find it in the snack and cookie aisle.

Online and Order Availability

You can buy single flavor 10-packs of Pocky online at Costco.com, which is part of the 2-day Grocery Delivery program.

You can order the Pocky 12 Count Variety Pack on Same Day Costco for $10.52.

Pocky Dessert Board Inspo for Valentine’s Day

I’m loving this Valentine’s Dessert Charcuterie board from Lover Boards OC:

This one from The Quiet Grove is a little more in line with my capabilities and still looks great:

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