Fall Treats Halloween Oreos at Costco

Halloween Oreos at Costco

Nabisco Oreos are a classic and favorite childhood cookie, and right now there is a box of Fall Treats Halloween Oreos at Costco. These limited edition Halloween Oreos would be great to pass out for your Halloween giveaway, or pack them into lunch boxes or take them to a soccer game for an after-sports cookie treat. Costco has the BEST PRICE!

Each box comes with 45 individually wrapped packs of 2 Oreo cookies. The fall themed assortment box comes with two different types, 25 packs of the Double Stuf Oreos (no Halloween theme) and 20 packs of Halloween themed Oreo BOO cookies with orange colored cream stuffing.


The Halloween themed Oreos come with assorted spooky designs such as spider webs or a ghost or a jack-o’-lantern and orange colored creme filling.

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Halloween Oreos at Costco
New Costco Find: Halloween Oreos at Costco

My kids LOVE oreos – they make oreo mug cakes, oreo dirt cakes, oreo pie…and of course they love getting packs of Oreos in their lunch boxes!

Halloween Oreos Costco Item Number and Price

Nabisco Oreo Fall Treats, 45 count, 40.8 Oz is Costco item number 1725841 and costs around $12.49 per box in-store.

The Fall Treats Oreos variety pack boxes aren’t currently at Costco warehouses nationwide, though we’d think these could likely be rolled out everywhere soon. If you’ve spotted them at your costco, or are looking for them, drop a note in the comments please and tell us where! Thanks million!!!

Costco doesn’t carry the Halloween Oreos online, however you can find a number of types of Oreo cookies (including cakesters) online at Costco.

Halloween New Costco Finds

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