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How Many Pieces of Candy in Costco Funhouse Treats?

Costco Funhouse Treats Candy

This year’s 2023 mega bag of Kirkland Signature Funhouse Treats Candy at Costco has 92 ounces of candy. New year, new mix of candy. Each bag contains an assortment of 12 types of candy including Skittles, Warheads, Airheads, Starburst, Twizzlers, Sour Punch Twists, Jolly Rancher Stix, Trolli Mini Sour Brite Crawlers, Sweetarts Mini Ropes, Haribo Goldbears, Laffy Taffy and Lifesavers gummies. We knew you had the burning question of how many pieces of candy are in the a bag of Kirkland Signature Funhouse Treats at Costco…so we got a bag to review and counted out every…single…piece. And every flavor.

The short answer is that we had 295 pieces of candy in our bag of Costco Funhouse Treats…but see the mega breakdown including how many of each flavor were in the bag below! Plus, save money on the Funhouse Treats Halloween candy right now – it’s $3 off through October 31st!


Note: In previous years this variety bag of Halloween candy featured Sour Patch Kids, Nerds, Gobstopper, Swedish Fish, Hot Tamales, Mike and Ike, Chupa Chupa, Rockets, and more. This year’s bag for 2023 does not include these candy types any longer, only the ones listed in the first paragraph and in the chart below.

Costco Funhouse Treats

Pros: This variety (the sugar candies as opposed to the other bag that’s chocolate) trends allergy friendly, with most of these being peanut free, gluten free, etc. Lots of sour candy which my kids LOVE – seems to be a trend at their school that sour candy is “cool” but I’m old so take that one with a grain of salt, lol!

Cons: Cavities, lots of corn syrup on the ingredients list, as well as food dyes.

Candy Distribution in Costco Funhouse Treats Bag 2023

The Funhouse Treats bag states that the types and amounts of candies will vary and this bag may not contain all varieties listed…our bag had all varieties listed with a total of 295 pieces…broken down in the chart below! Want to share this post with your candy-loving pals? Copy and paste the URL or use these buttons to share it…

CostContessa.com Candy CountQty
Jolly Rancher Stix
-Grape (2)
-Cherry (2)
-Apple (1)
-Watermelon (1)
Trolli Gummies6
Lifesaver Gummies7
Haribo Gummy Bears13
-Lemon (1)
-Blue Raspberry (11)
-Apple (9)
-Watermelon (2)
Black Cherry (20)
-Mystery (8)
-Watermelon (5)
-Grape (4)
-Orange (6)
-Cherry (6)
-Blue Raspberry (7)
Sour Punch Twists
-Apple (10)
-Blue Raspberry (12)
-Strawberry/Cherry (35)
Laffy Taffy
-Banana (12)
-Cherry (18)
-Sour Apple (21)
Candy in 1 Bag of Costco Funhouse Treats Variety Pack
How Many Pieces of Candy in Costco Funhouse Treats? - CostContessa

Skittles Original Funsize

This is a classic original Skittles Halloween candy size bag, 15g. Our Funhouse bag had 10 pieces in it.

Airheads Mini Bars

Don’t mind the open packages in the photo – my kids devoured one of these each before I could even get the photos. And thaaaaaaat’s why I’ll sort the other bag (the chocolate) while they’re at school! lol.

Our Costco Funhouse Treats had 6 flavors of Airheads and a total of 36 pieces, broken down into: 8 mystery flavor, 5 watermelon, 4 grape, 6 orange, 6 cherry and 7 blue raspberry.

Sweetarts Mini Ropes

Sweetarts are a blast from the past. Our Funhouse Candy bag from Costco had 12 pieces in it.

How Many Pieces of Candy in Costco Funhouse Treats? - CostContessa

Warheads Extreme Sour

This is a popular sour hard candy – not as sour as toxic waste but my kids like it. Our Costco Funhouse candy bag had 43 Warheads – but note these are just a single piece of hard candy, so I wouldn’t give trick-or-treaters a single one of these personally – but that probably depends a lot on how many kids come to your door! Obviously if you get a ridic amount then anything goes! Our Funhouse bag had a mix including 1 lemon, 11 blue raspberry, 9 apple, 2 watermelon and 20 black cherry.

Jolly Rancher Stix

Our bag only had 6 Jolly Rancher Sticks – but that included 4 different flavors: 2 grape, 2 cherry, 1 apple and 1 watermelon.

Starburst Original Funsize

Our bag contained 18 2-packs of Starburst candy.

Twizzlers Twists

Our bag had 35 pieces of Twizzlers. There are 3 mini Twizzler sticks in each pack.

How Many Pieces of Candy in Costco Funhouse Treats? - CostContessa

Sour Punch Twists

Our bag had 57 pieces of Sour Punch Twists, making it the #1 candy in the bag by piece count. It includes 3 flavors, and our bag had 10 apple, 12 blue raspberry and 35 red – the red are strawberry and/or cherry but it’s hard to tell them apart – I [obviously] declined my kids offer to eat each and every piece and count the flavors for me. LOL!

Trolli Mini Sour Brite Crawlers

Our bag also only had 6 of the Trolli Mini Sour gummy worms.

How Many Pieces of Candy in Costco Funhouse Treats? - CostContessa

Haribo Goldbears

These 35g bags of gummy bears have about 15 gummies in each Halloween candy sized bag – and the Funhouse treats had 13 bags of Haribo Goldbears bears in it.

Lifesavers Gummies Funsize

We only had 7 bags of Lifesaver gummies in our Costco Funhouse Treats candy bag – I really like these I wish there were more!

How Many Pieces of Candy in Costco Funhouse Treats? - CostContessa

Laffy Taffy Mini Bars

Laffy Taffy were also plentiful in our candy bag this year. We had 51 pieces in 3 flavors: 12 banana, 18 cherry and 21 sour apple.

Costco Price and Item Number

Kirkland Signature Funhouse Candy, 92 oz. Variety, is Costco item number 1481907 and costs $18.99 in-store.

Money Saving Tip: Keep your eye out for Costco coupon deals on this bag of Halloween Candy – you can save $3 off per bag!

How Many Pieces of Candy in Costco Funhouse Treats? - CostContessa

How Many Pieces Were in Your Bag of Costco Halloween Candy?

Did you count out your Costco Funhouse Halloween Candy? We’d love hear how many pieces your bag had in the comments! And if you thought the breakdown of candy types was similar?

Fun Halloween Finds at Costco

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