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Kirkland Signature Organic Golden Maple Syrup at Costco – Limited Edition

Costco Organic Maple Syrup Limited Edition

New Organic Golden Maple Syrup at Costco this Fall – it’s a limited edition batch so we’ll expect this to stick around for a few months then when it’s gone, it’s gone. The gorgeous glass jar just called to us, we had to try it!

We taste tested it side by side with the OG Costco organic maple syrup, see our review below!


Our Review of New Limited Edition Organic Golden Maple Syrup from Costco

Both of my kids and I sampled the new Limited Edition KS Organic Golden Maple Syrup from Costco side by side with the classic Kirkland Signature Organic Maple Syrup. The glass bottle is notably cool – we were all were super excited to try it, it looks fancy!

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Ultimately, we all thought the difference was pretty subtle. The Limited Edition tastes a bit lighter and sweeter, but overall pretty similar. If you like one, you’ll likely like the other. We like both!

My kids did lean toward the original Kirkland Signature Organic Maple Syrup – I also wonder if they’re just used to that one – but they’ll absolutely be happy to eat the other too. I didn’t really have a preference for one versus the other.

In short, if you want to save money, get the original. If you’re intrigued by the glass jar, go for it! The original Kirkland syrup comes in a 1 quart bottle or 33.8 ounces, whereas the new limited edition maple syrup in the glass bottle is 25 ounces…so while the price tag is comparable you get roughly 30% more in the original 1 quart bottle.

Costco Price and Item Number

Kirkland Signature Organic Golden Maple Syrup, Limited Edition, 25 ounces, is Costco item #1134046 and costs $12.99 in-store at Costco.


  • Product of Canada
  • 2023 Crop
  • Limited Edition
  • 25 oz. Glass Bottle
  • Organic
  • 110 Calories in 2 tablespoons
  • Store in refrigerator after opening

Last Price Check: 10/11/2023

Department: Pantry/Dry Goods, Spices & Seasonings (check near the peanut butter and jelly)

If you have tried it we’d love to hear your review of the new limited edition maple syrup at Costco in the comments!

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Check for this new Limited Edition Organic Maple Syrup on Costco.com delivery (Same Day Costco).

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  1. Maple syrup in glass finally at Costco.

    When they bottle maple syrup it’s rather hot, so all those plastic chemicals are leeching into your maple syrup. Glass is inert and much healthier. Yes please.

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