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Small Costco Water Table 2023 Online

Costco Water Table

Costco carries two different water tables for outdoor water play – you’ll find the larger water table in-store and a small Step2 Rushing Rapids Costco water table online. Both water tables are from Step2, the smaller, online water table is the cheaper option and better for small spaces.

You can find more info on the in-store Costco Water Table 2022 – the Step2 Double Rain Showers Splash Water Table – here.

Costco Water Table 2022
Step2 Rushing Rapids Costco Water Table Available Online

Our Review of Costco Rushing Rapids Water Table

Online at Costco this year for 2023, you’ll find the Step2 Rushing Rapids Water Table – a similar water play table to the one in store that’s a bit smaller, more compact and less expensive than the in-store Costco water table option. Step2 water tables are really well made, and even the small ones are big enough for a few toddlers to play with at the same time.

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Our kids loved water play, we used our water table ALL THE TIME and we think the extra $15 is well spent going for the larger, sturdier table where several kids can play through the preschool years.

That said, if you need something smaller (maybe you have a balcony or a small space for it) then we definitely still think the smaller Step2 Water Table online at Costco is an A+ water table. It comes with a 21 piece accessory kit. We’re urban dwellers so we definitely understand needing a smaller size.

Costco Water Play Table Accessory Pack
Outdoor Water Play Accessory Pack for Costco Water Table from Step2

In the end, both water tables are great and come with loads of accessories for pouring, measuring, mixing and splashing!

Costco Item Number & Price

The Step2 Rushing Rapids Water Table at Costco.com is Item Number 1586356 and costs $52.99. The price includes shipping and handling.

Customer Reviews

This Step2 Water Table at Costco currently has 4.8 stars with over 200+ reviews on Costco.com!

Did you buy the Step2 small Costco Water Table? Let us know what you think in the comments! We’d love to hear your experience! Or any tips, advice, or recommendations!

Outdoor Water Play and Water Tables
Summertime means outdoor water play, water tables, and swimming!

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From The Manufacturer

See product information below from Step2. Head on over to Step2.com to see all of their great water play toys (and more!) for kiddos! We love this brand, it’s great quality, fun designs, and reasonably priced!

Make a Splash

Little ones will love making their own waterfall showers! Pour water into the top tray for waterfall action and explore cause and effect play.

Interactive Spinners & Ramps

Activate the spinners and teeter-totter, send water down the ramps by pouring it into the top tray, and watch it fall down! Send the sea critters on a water ride down the ramps too!

Included Accessories

Splish-splash the day away with accessories to flex kids’ fine motor skills! Accessories include play balls, sea critter toys, a bucket, scoop, spinner, and side flipper.

Engaging Social Play

This water table’s open design, accessories, and multiple play stations allow kids to play together, practicing sharing and social skills.


Does Costco have a water table? How much is the Costco water table?

Step2 Costco Water Table

Costco carries TWO water table options. The larger Costco water table costs $68.99 and the smaller water table costs $52.99.

What age are water tables good for?

Costco Water Table

In general manufacturers suggest water tables for ages 18 mos + but in our experience as early as a child can stand independently to play at the water table is when they can start using it – for my kids that was around 11-12 months. Water tables are great for kids up to age 4-5, and even longer if you get creative (foam, beans, rice, food coloring, dish soap, water paint, etc!).

Are water tables good? Do kids like water tables?

Costco Water Tables - Fun Things to do With Kids Outdoors in the Summer

The vast majority of kids like to play with water – it is a sensory experience and when given accessories like measuring cups, spoons, bowls, etc. many kids will play with a water table for a long time. If your child loves to play in the bathtub, that’s a good indication they will probably also like a water table.

Does Costco sell a water table with a canopy?

Costco does not sell a water table that comes with a canopy. Costco does sell an outdoor water play station the Step2 Pump & Splash Shady Oasis with a canopy which has a pump, water play accessories that is very popular. Or add a small self standing umbrella (available on Amazon or other retailers) next to the Costco water table.

Does Costco sell outdoor water play toys, water tables, water slides, splash pads, inflatable pools, etc.?

Costco Pool

Yes, Costco sells all of these items in-store each Spring/Summer – they are seasonal – including water tables, backyard pools, splash pads, water balloons, slip n slides, inflatable water slides and more!

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