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Back by popular demand is the Step2 Costco Water Table! This Step2 Double Shower Splash Water Table is perfect for toddlers and preschoolers, and there are tons of fun ways for kids to play outdoors, get sunshine and cooled off in the water using this.They are also great sensory tables, a toy that’s easily shared, and are very popular gift for any toddler or pre-K aged child!

Find this fun outdoor water toy for toddlers in the seasonal aisle right now, near the beach umbrellas and inflatable pools! This water table is not currently on but you can read more about the Double Shower Splash Water Table here.

For the 1-3 years old toddler/preschooler age range, water tables like the Step2 Costco Water Table Double Shower Splash really do provide a lot of entertainment for the kiddos and are sure to get years of use.

Step2 Double Showers Splash Water Table at Costco

Costco Step2 Water Table Includes:

The 2022 Costco water table from Step 2 once again comes with tons of great accessories to pour and splash – and plenty to go around for multiple children. Water tables were a HUGE hit with both of my children when they were toddle-aged (and even beyond). I highly recommend them as a first birthday gift or for any gift-giving occassion for a child turning 1, 2 or 3.

Costco Step2 Water Table
Costco Step2 Water Table – Back for 2022

Check out these fun water tables available to order on Amazon! My kids had the Pirate Ship Water Table when they were toddlers, and as they got older we got this Sand and Water Combo Table.

Costco Item Number & Price

The Step2 Double Rain Showers Splash Water Table is Costco Item Number 1572639 and costs $68.99 in-store in the Costco spring and summer outdoor seasonal new items section (usually the center of the store).

This is a $12 increase from last year!


Play Ideas for the Step2 Costco Water Table:

If all the fun water table accessories get old (or lost lol!) – here are some ideas from yours truly to mix things up:

  • replace all the accessories with kitchen tools for the day – mixing spoons, measuring spoons, measuring cups, small mixing bowls, ladles, colander, etc. Or, you can grab a set of cheapie ones at the dollar store for your little Chef-in-progress
  • Add a little dish soap to the water and make it a bubble water table (note that dishsoap kills grass…so you’ll want that activity to be on hardscape/concrete)
  • Drop a colored bath tablet in to color the water
  • Add water beads for some added sensory action
  • Drain the water and dry fully, then remove the upper attachments and use the basin for dry rice or beans and make it a sensory bin (can add plastic dinos or something else to dig out)
  • Freeze little plastic dinosaurs in ice blocks in the freezer, then use a cleaned out ketchup squeezy bottle filled with warm water to spray and “excavate” the various dinosaurs from the ice
  • Simply fill with water and make this the center of your 1-2 year old birthday party! Might want to ask parents to bring some dry clothing just in case 😉

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Did you buy the Step2 Costco Water Table? Tell us what you think of it! We’d love to hear a review of quality, if your kids (what ages) love it, and any fun or new creative ways to entertain toddlers using it!

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Does Costco sell outdoor water tables for kids?

Step2 Costco Water Table

Yes, Costco sells a Step2 toddler friendly water table during the Spring/Early Summer in-stores. For 2022 it was the Step2 Double Showers Splash & Play Water Table.

How much do water tables at Costco cost?

Step2 Water Table at Costco

For 2022, the Step2 Double Showers Splash & Play Water Table costs $68.99 in-store. Currently, it is not available online.

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