Heart Shaped Food That Won’t Break The Bank

Budget Friendly Valentines Day Food

Sticking to your budget? Good! Keep it up! We have a few fun and festive heart shaped food ideas for Valentines so you can celebrate without breaking the bank! Since you have to eat anyway, making your meal the Valentines decoration-celebration is a 2-fer. Save money and celebrate with our top picks for fun Valentines food finds under $20. PLEASE leave your ideas in the comments so we can add them to our list!

Heart Shaped Donuts

cheap Valentines day food ideas - heart shaped donuts
Photo Credit: Canva.

Donuts are a family favorite at our house – a treat we don’t get too often! Valentine’s is a great excuse to grab some special Valentines Donuts – they are ADORABLY decorated and well under $20! You can find them at Krispy Kreme, Dunkin Donuts, and of course check with your locally owned donut shop for their special creations for Valentines!


Heart Shaped Waffles

heart shaped waffles at home
Photo Credit: Canva.

We love our breakfast, and you can find a heart shaped waffle maker at most big box retailers for under $20. And bonus, you can use it year after year, so it’s not a one trick pony!

Heart Shaped Pizzas at Home

heart shaped pizza at home using pre-made crust
Photo Credit: Canva.

Don’t fancy yourself a pizza chef? Don’t worry, neither do we! Buy some pre-made crusts and with a pair of scissors you can transform a plain old circle into a heart shaped food for dinner. Boom! Okay you lose a little crust…but it’s budget friendly and fun! Kids especially love making their own pizzas!

Valentines Cookies

heart shaped food
Photo Credit: Canva.

Valentine’s is all about that sweet tooth! You can find heart shaped cookies or Valentines decorated pink and white cookies at any big box retailer. This year we found a heart shaped oreo cookie decorating kit at Costco for a super deal and we found a dozen Valentines sugar cookies on sale on Amazon Fresh for two bucks! But you can find lots of options at your local grocery for Valentine’s Cookies for under $10!

Heart Shaped Gummy Lunchables

heart shaped lunchable
Photo Credit: CostContessa.

Don’t send this to school for lunch…but it’s super cute! Gummy crackers, gummy cheese, and gummy meat slices – kids can build their own little lunchable sandwiches in a heart shaped lunchable box…but gummy! Who says you can’t play with your food! You can find this heart shaped food for kids at many big box stores like Target.


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