4 Cheap and Easy Valentines Day Ideas Anyone Can Pull Off

Budget Friendly Valentines Day Celebration Ideas

Ever scroll through Pinterest and Instagram to look for cheap Valentines Day ideas and quickly realize that none of that next level Valentine’s day stuff is in you budget or DIY capabilities. Where are the actually cheap and really easy Valentines Day ideas? Nothing against the creative or budget-less, love their inspiration. But let’s be real…how many of us can spend a fortune to buy any of it, and DIY’ing it is…laughable. If that sounds familiar…then these budget friendly and no-nonsense Valentines ideas might be for you!

Decorate With Budget Friendly Valentines Balloons

4 Cheap and Easy Valentines Day Ideas Anyone Can Pull Off - CostContessa
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Balloons pack a lot of punch for the price. Decorating with fun themed balloons really fills up space and adds a lot of color – skip the other decorations and just grab a couple of balloons – and best part? Balloons aren’t expensive or difficult to find. They are sold at almost every grocery store and big box retail store, so you can combine picking them up with other errands that way too. They also last for a long time (generally at least a week for mylar balloons, we’ve certainly had some that lasted 3 weeks) so you can pick them up anytime a week or so before Valentines Day.


Party City offers half a dozen heart shaped balloons with inflation and free pick-up for about $12, or most grocery stores will charge about $3/balloon and if you have a local dollar store, that’s a super budget friendly option for a couple of balloons!

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Serve Heart Shaped Foods

There are a lot of easy festive foods created around Valentines day…making a Valentines themed meals can be easy if you grab pre-made cute foods. You don’t need to buy a zillion ingredients and heart shaped moulds and cutters…and you need to eat anyway, right?

For kids, you can look for these Tyson Heart Shaped Nuggets which are at Kroger stores, order a heart shaped pizza from Papa Johns (or check your local family owned pizza shop, many offer this around Valentines day!)…for grownups you can grab heart shaped ravioli or heart macaron cookies from Costco…or feed the whole fam on the fly by asking for your Chick-fil-a to be packed in heart shaped trays.

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You can also try making your own heart-shaped pizza using a frozen pizza! Check out this little DIY for homemade heart shaped pizza that requires no special tools or skill.

Serve Food on Valentines Themed Platters

If heart shaped foods won’t work for you…skip the special food and serve any kind of food on an inexpensive Valentines platter. Placing your regular food on a heart themed tray is super cheap yet makes any meal a fun and festive Valentine’s Day meal. Party City sells a 13.5″ melamine heart themed tray for $4, and Target sells an 8-pack of disposable heart platters for $3. Also check your local dollar store. Or, if you pick a plain solid red platter, you can also reuse it for Christmas, Memorial Day and 4th of July! Very budget friendly!

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4 Cheap and Easy Valentines Day Ideas Anyone Can Pull Off - CostContessa

Serve a Valentine’s Day Snack Tray

While heart shaped foods may be somewhat trickier to find, Valentines themed candy is a dime a dozen…so not only is it easy to find, it’s cheap too! We love saving money! Grab 2-3 heart shaped candy items (whatever your family likes) in Valentines day themes, and mix them what you have on hand like pretzels, nuts, carrots & hummus, fresh sliced fruit, cheese, edamame, popcorn or crackers to get the ultimate Valentines Snack Tray.

You can find heart shaped candy almost anywhere. Easy candy ideas might be sour gummy hearts, heart shaped Starburst, Reese’s hearts peanut butter cups, pink and white Pocky sticks, or Valentines themed M&Ms.

What other ideas do you have that don’t break the bank but are still really fun and festive to celebrate Valentine’s Day? We’d love to hear them so we can add them to our list, leave your ideas in the comments!!

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