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Remie Slipcovered Sectional Sofa at Costco

Slipcovered Sectional at Costco - Remie

A newer addition to the Costco furniture lineup is the Remie Slipcovered Sectional sofa at Costco! It’s a gorgeous slope armed, 2-piece sectional, slipcovered in a crisp white performance fabric. It’s a designer look, and this is by far our new favorite Costco sectional sofa…and of course it’s a fantastic price at Costco! Plus, the Remie sofa at Costco is $500 off thru 2/26/23!

You can request a sample swatch of fabric from the manufacturer.


Why We Love the Remie Sectional Sofa at Costco

Whether you love a coastal look, neutral, transitional, traditional or contemporary…this sofa works perfectly with so many interior styles. And it doesn’t just look good, it’s also one of the very few (maybe only?) sectional sofas at Costco that has feather wrapped foam seat cushions for added comfort.

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The Remie’s slipcover is made of LiveSmart performance fabric (see video below) which is a 98% Polyester and 2% Nylon, which resists spills and stains, and can be removed entirely to be cleaned. Dry cleaning is recommended. It also comes with 6 matching throw pillows. It’s a 2-piece sectional, so it comes apart and can be moved in and out or around your home easily. It comes with steel connectors to keep it securely in place while in use.

Slipcovers are also a great furniture option for those who have allergies. Unlike an upholstered sofa, you can truly CLEAN the covers and remove dust, dander and allergens at a level much higher than surface treatment can achieve.

This video shows the performance and features of the LiveSmart fabric:

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sofa at costco
Remie Slipcovered Sectional Sofa at Costco – White, Slope Arm

What We’d Like To See

To be honest, the designer look of this sofa from Costco in combination with this price offers such exceptional value, we’re hard pressed to find negatives…but what we’d really like to see are additional sets of slipcovers available. Possibly in more colors like a performance linen for those who want more neutral and less crisp white.

The other question is on washability. It’s expensive to dry clean slipcovers, and while they’re being dry cleaned, the sofa is uncovered..which is unattractive and impractical for most people to not use a sofa a several days while the cover is being cleaned. We inquired with the manufacturer on washability because we find the majority of slipcovered furniture states dry clean only, but we also find that in reality the majority of owners machine wash in cold water on the gentle/hand wash setting and hang to dry and slipcovers tend to hold up okay- so we wanted to know the real deal. The manufacturer indicated that the slipcover could be machine washed a number of times – but not indefinitely. They suggested not to wash it at home more than a dozen or so times, just to be safe. But that sure does offer a lot more options for cleaning, and that’s reasonable in our opinion.

To put it in perspective, we find that washing our slipcover every 4-6 months or so is all we need – and our current while slipcovered sectional is denim (ie it’s not a performance fabric). Occasionally we toss 1 or 2 covers in the wash in between the big washes because of a spill or stain.

Our Conclusion

The $1700 sale price for this gorgeous designer look sectional sofa at Costco including delivery is such a steal, we give it a solid buy recommendation. Even at the regular price of $2200, we’re really hard pressed to find another comparable option, especially one with a feather wrapped cushions and a 24 seat depth.

And Costco members agree – it scored 4.5 stars on over 55 reviews on Costco.com.

COMMON SENSE: Like any white sofa…white furniture may not be the best choice if you have multiple kids and dogs and you’re going to put it in your everyday family room – or if you eat pizza on the sofa on the reg, that’s just practical. It’s a super option for a formal living room which doesn’t get daily abuse from kids, an adult home, for staging a home for sale, or in a family room where there are strictly enforced no shoes or food on the sofa rules for kids.

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Dimensions and Weight

  • Weight: 283.5 lbs.
  • Overall dimensions – 100.7” L x 102.3” W x 36.2” H
  • Seat height – 20.8″
  • Seat depth – 24″
  • Back cushion height – 15.4″

Pottery Barn Price Comparison

We always love a good Pottery Barn dupe, so just for fun…let’s take a look at the Pottery Barn York Slope Arm Sectional which starts at $5350…and compare the Remie Sectional from Costco which is only $2200 regularly – that’s less than half the price of the York.

As mentioned, the Remie Slipcovered Sectional is on sale for $500 off right now which means its $1700 – that’s less than a replacement slipcover for the Pottery Barn York Sectional! So if you were wondering if you’d save money in the long run by getting a more expensive sofa like the PB Slipcovered York which you can purchase replacement slipcovers for…the answer is nope!

Costco does it again.

We get a little excited about white slipcovered sofas, don’t mind us 😉

Remie Slipcovered Sectional Sofa at Costco Price & Item Number

Remie Slipcover Sectional costs $2199.99 online at Costco.com, and is Costco Item 1549566.

ProTip: You can catch this designer-look Costco sectional on sale for $500 off or $1699.99 through February 26, 2023.

Note: we heard that some of these Remie sectional sofa at Costco may be in-store at select warehouses – we don’t have it at ours – if you see the Remie at your local warehouse club please drop it in the notes below to help others find it!

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