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17 Costco Toys You Need this Summer

Costco Toys

School is almost out, what are your kids doing this summer? If you’re looking for fun activities for the kids to do at home, look no further…here’s all the backyard fun Costco toys for kids in-store this year! Get the kids outside, running around, cooling off and refreshed with these great toys, games, play structures, splash pads, frozen treats and more – all from Costco!

You’ll find most of these backyard toy items in the middle seasonal section of Costco warehouses. We’ll note if we found them other areas of the store. Hope you have some fun summer travel plans, vacations, summer camps, and fun activities planned – but these #costcofinds for kids should help out with summertime boredom and downtime at home!


As always, parents must supervise all babies, toddlers and kids when using any type of water play toy. Be safe, not sorry! Happy summer family adventures!

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Water Play Backyard Costco Toys

From outdoor pools to the Costco splash pad…there are loads of awesome water play outdoor toys for kids and the whole family!

H2oGO! Splash Pad

The H2oGO! Costco Splash Pad is a toddler favorite! It’s also very affordable, lightweight and easy to put up and take down.

Step2 Water Table

The Cadillac of toddler toys is this Costco Water Table! It has all the bells and whistles, it’s the perfect height and has lots to do for several kids all at once! Water play is a great sensory activity for babies, toddlers and kids, and it’s a great way to get outside and learn through play activities for the summer!

Happy Hop Water Slide

Bigger kids can get some real energy out on this awesome shark themed inflatable water slide at Costco!

Happy Hop Shark Cave Adventure Inflatable Waterpark is Costco item number 2621039 and costs $369.99 in-store.

Wham-O Super Slip ‘N Slide

One of the most classic and iconic summer water play backyard toys of all time is…of course…the Slip-N-Slide! And it’s come a long way since my childhood- Costco carries this Super Slip ‘N Slide and it’s longer than ever, with bumpers and boogie boards! It’s pretty awesome – we’ve heard some people attach 2 together to make it double the length! How fun!

Wham-O Slip N Slide is Costco Item Number 2622073 and costs $99.99 in-store.

H2oGO! 10-Foot Family Inflatable Pool

This quick and affordable Costco inflatable pool from H2oGO! inflates in a flash, and is 10-feet long, accommodating the whole family!

Bestway Family Fun Inflatable Pool is Costco Item Number 2622028 and costs $44.99 in-store.

Step2 Pump & Splash Oasis

This water play activity set has everything – including shade! We haven’t seen it in person but the water pump was a HUGE hit our my kiddos when they were toddlers – this is a little pricey but we think it’s worth it! It’s also great for a big family, play date, birthday party outdoor activity, etc. because several kids can play with this all at the same time!

Step2 Pump & Splash Shady Oasis is Costco Item Number 1721400 and costs $179.99 in-store.

Zuru Bunch-O-Balloons Water Balloons

Remember in the olden days when we filled up water balloons one at at time and tied them off? Well those are distant memories…because the Zuru Bunch-O-Balloons at Costco rapid fills batches of water balloons – enough for a big water balloon fight for a bunch of kids in just minutes. They are pretty awesome!

Zuru Bunch O Balloons Water Balloons are Costco Item Number 1506370 and cost $22.99 in-store.

Disney Licensed Beach Towels

Some good beach towels are a must for drying off after backyard water play! These are super cute, and come in great characters, bright colors and are substantially sized!

Jay Franco Licensed Kids 100% Cotton Beach Towels Assorted 34″x63″ is Costco Item Number 1418741 and costs $15.49.

Bestway Above Ground Pool

The Bestway above ground 4′ deep pool is an affordable way to enjoying swimming in your own backyard! At 22′ long, this is a big pool! So invite the neighbors over too!

Bestway Oval Above Ground 22-foot Pool Set is Costco Item Number 142470 and costs $699.99 in-store.

Family Fun & Games

Supersized Nylon Kites

A good quality, large kit makes ALL the difference! If you haven’t flown one of these supersized nylon kites at the beach, you’re missing out! They are awesome! We love ours! And they come in a ton of fun themes from unicorn, to dinosaur, to butterfly to spaceship…lots of options for everyone!

X-Kites Supersized Deluxe Nylon Kites are Costco Item Number 1375801 and cost $16.99 in-store.

Corn Hole Set

Kids, teens and adults will all have fun playing Corn Hole in the backyard this summer! Great activity for hosting bbq’s, birthday parties, Father’s Day, 4th of July, Block party or Graduation parties!

Back Yard Hero Corn Hole Bean Bag Toss Set (includes 2 boards and bean bags) at Costco costs $129.99.

Costco Play Structures

Kidkraft Boulder Bluff 2-in-1 Playset

The image below doesn’t do it justice…it’s only partially built in the store! This Boulder Bluff play structure has everything! Wobble bridge, twisty slide, fire pole kitchen, picnic table and more! Super backyard playhouse swingset option for kids!

Kikkraft Boulder Bluff 2-in-1 Playset is Costco Item Number 2622162 and costs $1399.99

Cedar Summit By Kidkraft Woodland View Playhouse

This Kidkraft Woodland View back yard play house is modern farmhouse chic! It’s also compact for small yards, and has a kitchen and picnic table built in making great space for summer craft activities or extra dining seating for summer BBQ hosting! For $600 this playset is a lot of value in our opinion!

Cedar Summit by Kidkraft Woodland View Playhouse is Costco Item Number 2622163 and costs $599.99.

Frozen Treats

Nestle Variety Pack

This Nestle pack has EVERYTHING! 40 Drumstick Ice Cream Cones, Ice Cream Sandwiches, and Cookie Dipped Bars – there’s something for everyone in this 40-count variety pack, and at $16 that shakes out to about $0.40 each!

Pro Tip: Tell the kids they can have an ice cream in the backyard, and play for a little while and when they’re done they can come inside and help clean the house. Send them out. Everytime they pop their heads back inside you say “Oh, you’re ready to clean the house now?” and poof…they’re gone again to play in the backyard! lol. Half joking. But try it πŸ˜‰

Nestle Ice Cream Variety Pack 40 Count is Costco Item Number 1430961 and costs $15.99.

Alden’s Organic Root Beer Ice Cream Bars

My kids LOVE these root beer float frozen treat bars! They only come once a year…get them while you can!

Alden’s organic Root Beer Bars 18 count box is Costco Item Number 1541637 and cost $10.99.

Ice Cream Sundae Party Box

Just add ice cream! All the toppings for a whole party!

The Ice Cream Party Box 64.4 oz is Costco Item Number 1644949 and costs $19.49.

Ice Cream Sundae Party Box at Costco

Organic Deebee’s Freezer Pops

These 100% fruit popsicles are organic and low in sugar with just 6 grams of sugar per freezer pop!

Organic Debee’s Superfruit Freezer Pops at Costco

Kids get bored during the summer! Let’s be real, summer could be infinitely more fun spending our days splashing in the pool, and the kids were tired at the end of the day! The good news is that Costco has tons of options to accomplish this, and most of the splash pads, inflatable pools, and backyard family games are all well under $100!. Costco has incredible wholesale prices, super quality and tons of fun backyard fun choices!

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