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Lifetime Folding Table at Costco – 4’ x 2’

Lifetime Table at Costco

We love the Lifetime Products Utility Tables and now you can grab a 4′ x 2′ Lifetime folding table at Costco – it’s a great versatile size and it is back in stock right now. The compact size of this super durable folding table offers TONS of flexibility when you don’t need a ton of table space – it’s a great size to pop up outdoors to serve food off the BBQ, or for school PTA table or event use – its a makeshift console table or TV/media stand…and its adjustable height makes it even more versatile! You can use this Costco folding table as a desk too!

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Lifetime Folding Table at Costco - 48" x 24"
Lifetime Folding Table at Costco – 48″ x 24″

Why We Love Our Lifetime Folding Table from Costco

These 48″ x 24″ folding tables at Costco are made from very durable material – ours has lasted a long time and shows no signs of aging at all. Lifetime folding tables aren’t the most attractive tables to look at but for a temporary table, they aren’t too bad and very easy to cover up with a quick tablecloth!

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We recently bought a large piece of mdf and put it on top and make it a ping pong table! We don’t have room to store a ping pong table because folded it’s still a good 12-18 inches thick – but the table and the mdf topper store super flat against a wall in the garage!

It’s a hand size to have around, we use it more than I would have thought.

Note: this isn’t a “fold in half” table – it’s a solid surface with folding legs.

4′ x 2′ Lifetime Folding Table at Costco Product Features:

  • Constructed With Commercial Grade Materials
  • Dent Resistant
  • UV Protected Surface Holds Up with Outdoor Use
  • Reinforced Steel Legs
  • Built-in Carry Handle
  • Surface Area Measurement Dimensions 4 feet x 2 feet
  • Three Adjustable Heights 24” or 29” or 34”
  • 10 Year Limited Warranty

Costco Price & Item Number

Lifetime Products 4’x2′ Folding Utility Table costs $44.99 in-store at Costco. It’s item #137500.

The Lifetime Utility Folding Table at Costco is sold online in a 2-pack for $134.99 including shipping.

Convenient Ways to Use a 4′ Folding Utility Table

Do you have any LIfetime Products tables? How do you use them? How have they held up? Do you recommend them? We’d love to hear your experience with them! Please leave your review in the comments!

Temporary Desk

The Lifetime 4’ x 2’ utility table has an adjustable height so if you’re like our family and don’t need a dedicated office desk – this little table will pinch hit and act as as desk for both kids and adults when needed, or for a printer or PTA table at morning drop off – and tuck away in the closet or trunk when we don’t need it.

Console Table or Bar Table for Hosting

Using a floor length linen, we can use the Costco folding table as a console table or bar table when we’re hosting, and free up the space when our guests leave. Because it’s a solid surface it doesn’t a wonky seam that could be uneven and cause glass or bottles to tip.

Quick Extra Food Server or Buffet Table

This is a great sturdy and durable table to pop up next to the BBQ to hold cooking supplies and/or serve food off the grill. And while I don’t recommend outdoor storage, if it ends up outside for a day or two before you get to picking it up…it’s super durable for outdoor use and as long as it doesn’t rain, it can withstand the sun and heat. I definitely don’t recommend letting it get wet though or you’ll get rusty hinges!

Classroom Surface Space

Whether you’re a teacher or a parent volunteer…if you’re setting up a project you often need extra space to lay out supplies, art materials, etc. This little table is lightweight, has its own carry. Handle to move in and back to the car, and easy to open up. It also cleans up well, a magic eraser can get just about anything off this Lifetime table at Costco. The adjustable height means you can adjust is lower for little kids, too!

Temporary Furniture

If you’re in between homes, waiting for your moving truck or just waiting on backordered furniture, this table can serve as a console table, TV Credenza, Buffet, Coffee Table, Kids Dining Table, Kitchen Cart or anything else that provides a little surface space. We used them while we were doing Kitchen construction for a little faux counter space in our living room for the coffee maker and microwave.

Lifetime Table at Costco
Lifetime Table at Costco
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