New Items at Costco!

New Items at Costco

Wondering what’s new at Costco in-store? The holidays are here and that means found TONS of new items at Costco – and so did our friends from the gram! Here are the best new Costco finds spotted across the US this week! We searched high and low, and far and wide, to put together a mega list of all the new Costco finds for you here at Costcontessa!

New Costco finds found early November 2021 for you right here! Be sure to check out our New Costco Finds page too!


DId we miss some new finds you found at your Costco? Tag us if you post them, or drop a comment at the bottom and let us know what new products you saw in your local Costco!

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New Items at Costco

Chef Hak’s Organic Creamed Spinach at Costco
Heavenfull Stroopwafel Ice Cream Sandwich at Costco
Gudrun Chocolates at Costco
Lobster & Crab at Costco
Mortar & Pestle at Costco
Gourmet Peyson & Breton French Butter at Costco
Facerock Creamery Vampire Slayer Cheese at Costco
Alexian Truffle Mousse at Costco
Kirkland Signature Bellavitano Cabernet Sauvignon Cheese at Costco
Roblox Gift Cards at Costco – 4-Pack
Organic Wholesome Molasses at Costco for Holiday Baking

New Items at Costco!

Taylor Farms Organic Ultimate Everything Salad Kit at Costco
Keto-Friendly Zen Sweet Chocolate Chip Baking Mix at Costco
Holiday Magnums Available at Costco Include La Crema Chardonnay, Daou Cabernet, Freemark Abbey Cabernet, Cambria Pinot, Kendall Jackson Cabernet
Discount Build-A-Bear Gift Cards at Costco – Great Gift Idea for Kids!
New Kitchen Dish Towels at Costco
Kirkland Signature Peppermint Bark at Costco
Sea & Sand Wax Candles at Costco
Rhythm Carrot Sticks at Costco with Sea Salt
Aloha Macs at Costco
Cricut at Costco
New Items at Costco
New Items at Costco
Sugar Free Dark Chocolate Chips at Costco from Lets Bake Believe
Dioni Skincare Hand Cream made from Goat’s Milk at Costco
Pendleton Flannel Sheet Sets at Costco
Roti Fresh Uncooked Flour Tortillas at Costco
Ottavio Olive Oil Gift Set in 3 Flavors
Welch’s Sparkling Non-Alcoholic Wine
Whole Milk Dahl at Costco
Signature Housewares Animals Mugs at Costco
Pumpkin Cheesecake at Costco
Festive Christmas Theme Throw Pillows at Costco $10 each!
Caramel Macchiato Mix at Costco
Gingerbread House Mansion Kit at Costco
Yawa Mochi Matcha at Costco
Pendelto Thermos at Costco
Bruschetta at Costco
New Vicky’s Kitchen product at Costco! Slow Cooked Chicken in White Wine Sauce!
Baked Brie en Brioche at Costco
La Terra Fina Cranberry Jalapeno Dip
Braided Apple Strudel at Costco Bakery
Outdoor Holiday Decor Lantern at Costco
Hydro Flask at Costco
Safe & Fair Honeycrisp Apple Pie Granola
Teacher Gift Idea Ghirardelli Chocolates & Holiday Bowl
Homemedics Massage Cushion at Costco
Christmas Cards at Costco
32 Degrees Mixed Media Ladies Vest at Costco

Some of these items are also available at so check there if you don’t see them in your local Costco warehouse store!

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