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Gudrun Chocolates at Costco

Gudrun Chocolate Costco

Gourmet Gift Ideas at Costco

We LOVE this Gudrun chocolate costco new find! Gudrun first started as a supplier of chocolate to confectioners in 1942. Their passion for 100% Belgian chocolates hasn’t changed. You can expect high quality, delicious chocolates and truffles and you’ll find Gudrun Belgian chocolates very competitively priced right now at Costco! Packaged beautifully, with a great mix of chocolates, truffles, pralines and more! They are almost too pretty to eat! Almost!

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Update: New version of the Gudrun Chocolates are at Costco for Christmas 2021!

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Costco Deal on Gudrun Chocolates
Costco Gudrun Chocolate Assortment


What’s Inside Gudrun Chocolates at Costco?

We LOVE when chocolates come with a map. And here’s what you’ll find in the Costco Gudrun boxed chocolates!

Costco Gudrun Chocolates
Gudrun Chocolates at Costco Contain a Guide to What’s Inside!

In the Gudrun Chocolates at Costco you’ll find:

  • Elisabeth: Coffee Flavored white filling surrounded by milk chocolate
  • Mary: White chocolate with a pineapple flavored filling
  • Romy: Intense dark chocolate filled with a Himalayan salted caramel on top of a smooth truffle filling
  • Lucy: Milk chocolate with a classic truffle filling
  • Charly: A dark chocolate shell with a luscious coconut filling
  • Penna: An alluring combination of milk chocolate, hazelnut praline and the crunch of finely crumbled biscuits
  • Passionata: Dark chocolate with passion fruit caramel
  • Mia: Dark chocolate with a white pistachio filling

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Gudrun Chocolate Costco Deal: 14.1 oz. Box Costs $10.99

These are a GREAT deal for Gudrun Chocolates at Costco! If you don’t have a Costco membership you can find Gudrun chocolates here.

Gudrun Chocolate Costco Price Tag

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Gift Ready Gudrun Chocolates at Costco

These gorgeous boxes are Spring themed and perfect for Easter, Mother’s Day or whatever else you might be celebrating in the Spring! Boxed in pink or purple themes, they come with a ribbon and golden bordered tag. These Gudrun chocolate costco boxes are a great hostess gift too!

The Gudrun Collection - Gudrun Chocolates Costco
Gudrun Chocolate Costco

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In addition to great gifts like this new Gudrun Chocolate Costco find, you can grab your favorite brunch food for the whole family for Easter, Mother’s Day and all your Spring celebrations. Costco offers new and classic breakfast foods all the time, including plant-based, vegan, gluten-free, paleo and keto options. These come in both Kirkland Signature products and your favorite name-brand cinnamon rolls, egg bites, quiche, cereal, fresh fruit, smoothie mixes, pancake mix, breakfast sausages, canadian ham, bacon and organic real maple syrup. You’ll also find a wide variety of the best roasted coffees, including organic coffee, whole beans, ground coffee, or single-serve coffee pods for both Keurig and Nespresso machines. From Starbucks to Peets, new seasonal coffees are always coming in-store. You can even fresh grind coffee in-store! And don’t forget a little whipped cream for the kids’ hot chocolate, or to dress up your pancakes, waffles, etc. You’ll also find lots of new fresh organic juices, smoothies, nectar, kombucha varieties and organic tea bags.

Brunch Hosting Essentials

Costco home/kitchen aisle always has loads of great finds and serving platters, utensils, and linens for all your holiday celebrations…and everyday! There is always fun, decorative new serveware at Costco including bowls, platters, and glassware sets. Keep your eye out for wine glass sets, which come available seasonally in the early Fall! We recently found this festive melamine outdoor dinnerware set! Plus you’ll find everything you need to prepare and serve meals at Costco, from pots and pans to flatware to paper plates to food storage and organization solutions, with new options arriving weekly.  

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