Lands’ End Swimsuits Are Under $20 at Costco!

Lands End Ladies Swimsuit Discount Deal at Costco

Costco has recently started carrying a super deal on a limited selection of ladies’ Lands’ End swimsuits, which come in a wide range of sizes from S to XXL. My mom is an avid swimmer – she swims 5-6x per week and does water aerobics and other swim classes and she is ride or die Lands End suits! I’m am buying her all of these!!! Costco’s Lands End womens’ bathing suits are available in-store for just $18.99, a super deal and a budget-friendly option for summer swim season. Lands End bathing suits are beloved for the quality!

Money Saving Tip: These cost under $20 in-store compared to $100-$150 from the manufacturer. These will sell out quickly, we suggest you don’t wait if you want to get one.


The Costco Lands End swimsuit available color options include a navy stripe, solid purple, and a navy/emerald tropical palm print. The stripe and palm print come in a high front style, and the purple is a v neck. Although it’s a limited selection, there are some choices – and you cannot beat the price for these bathing suits! See the price comparison below – it’s an unbelievable deal!!

Lands End Swimsuits at Costco - Super Bargain!

Costco Price and Item Number

The Lands’ End ladies’ swimsuits are Costco item number 174797 and cost $18.99 each in-store at Costco or $19.99 each online.

Lands End swimsuits online at Costco.com are also eligible for the Costco Clothing Buy More Get More Coupon (can save as much as $5 off when you purchase a volume of clothing items – that shakes out to as little as $15 each for these Lands End women’s Swimsuits!).

Members will these swimsuits in the clothing section at their local Costco.

Ladies’ Lands’ End Swimsuits at Costco: Comparison with Landsend.com

A quick comparison with Lands’ End’s official website – landsend.com, reveals a significant price difference. For instance, a similar ladies’ one-piece swimsuit on landsend.com typically ranges in price from $70 to $160, that’s significantly higher than Costco’s deal on these Lands End bathing suits! And here’s a ladies’ one-piece swimsuit on Lands’ End’s website that looks just like the solid purple one for a comparative look at styles and prices – it’s $155!!! Holy moly!

Difference Between Bathings Suits Sold Costco and Lands’ End

One important thing to note is that when you order swimsuits directly from Lands End you can order your cup size – so for everyone who falls outside the “average” (whatever that means) cup size…there is definitely a benefit to ordering direct from Lands End. There’s always a compromise isn’t there… Given the enormous discount, we think we can accept that this isn’t ideal for every single person and body, and still think it’s a great suit for many people at a great price!

Check them out in the quick video below – and follow us on our social media to see our new Costco finds like these in real time!

Product Features

The Lands’ End swimsuits at Costco come in sizes ranging from S to XXL. Costco Shoppers can choose from three attractive color patterns: a classic navy stripe, a vibrant purple, and an eye-catching navy/emerald tropical print. These swimsuits are already super popular, and are near sell-out status online at costco.com (just two sizes left in navy stripe right now), underscoring their value – and likely we’re seeing some resellers stepping in here because of the price delta.

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