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Women's Leopard Gray Loungewear - on Sale now! $6 Each!

The Costco.com online coupons are one of the best all around ways to save money on clothing at Costco – particularly because you can combine the coupon deals with both sale items and/or manufacturer’s discounts. The coupons gives $20 off when you buy 5 items. While a few items are excluded, overall Costco is MUCH better than others store about including most items on the deal. Costco holds this sale regularly – every few months or so – so keep your eye out for it! Stacking coupon deals is where it’s at!

Costco Online coupon deals - CostContessa

Online Coupon Deal at Costco

To determine whether an item you’re interested in is qualified for the discount, you want to look to see a box similar to this right below the item details. It will restate the deal on the actual item page. Items that aren’t qualified generally will have a thick blue banner that says it’s not qualified so it’s easy to navigate deal items.


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Stacking Coupons at Costco for a STEAL!

Now for the part I really, really, really love…you can stack this coupon deal on top manufacturer’s discounts! Since $20 off 5 items shakes out to $4 per item off – let’s assume we purchase 5 items on the deal then we can reduce the price of each by an additional $4 right? Here are some steals you can grab online at costco.com right now!

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$5 Each for Buffalo Cozy Tops

These tops are normally $14.99 and are on sale with a manufacturer’s discount for $8.99 – amazing price – but THEN you stack the coupon for an additional $4 off and these shake out to $4.99 Each (including delivery!!!).

Costco Online coupon deals - CostContessa
Super Steal for $5 Each – Coupon Code Automatically Added and Free Shipping!

$3.65 each for 32 Degrees Below Cool Active Boys Tops

Costco has an amazing price on these boys 32 Degrees Below Cool Active Tees of 3 for $14.99 – even without a coupon they are a steal – but add on the $4 off coupon and these are 3 for $10.99 or about $3.65 each. They also come in another color option.

Costco Deal on 3 Pack Boys Cool Active Tees

$11 4-Piece Pajama Sets with Coupon!

These Women’s Lucky Brand Pajama sets at Costco include 4 pieces, 2 tops and 2 bottoms, the perfect combination for whatever the weather! Costco normally retains these at $14.99 but with the coupon available online, it’s only $10.99 for the entire set!

Costco Online coupon deals - CostContessa

Costco Coupon Code

It really doesn’t get any easier to apply the coupon code at Costco online – it auto-applies itself after you add the 5 qualifying items. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. Enjoy! And leave your best deals in the comments so we can all go grab them!

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