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Nutritious fruits, superfoods, antioxidant loaded keto-friendly cacao smoothies are pre-mixed and ready in minutes. Just add your favorite liquid for a quick, easy and low carb meal or snack! The keto-friendly blend contains cacao, strawberries, blackbarriers, raspberries, blueberries and avocado. Each bag contains 6 pre-blended bags with two servings each. Costco’s multi-pack bags make 12 12oz. keto smoothies.

Costs $9.99

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You can add any low carb liquid to blend up your keto smoothie. Suggested liquid: unsweetened almond milk.

Customize your keto smoothie it with healthy add-ins like unsweetened peanut butter, chia seeds or flax seed. Boost it’s vitamins and antioxidants with fresh parsley, spinach or protein powder. It’s a great basic keto smoothie blend by itself and lends itself well to many health boosters.

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