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Costco is stocking the best keto-friendly and paleo-friendly products lately, and these brownies from Miss Jones Baking Co. are certainly among the more delicious new Keto products at Costco (what can I say, I have a sweet tooth!). The Keto and Paleo diet friendly brownie mix is made with an almond flour base and has 10 net carbs per brownie. Have you tried them? Please let us know what you think in the comments below! We want to hear your review! And if you have a keto brownie in a mug recipe using this…that we NEED to hear about! Add this low sugar, low carb brownie mix to your shopping list for your next Costco Keto Haul!

These Keto brownies are also gluten-free and grain-free. With 0 added sugar and 4 grams of protein, they are compatible with Keto, Paleo, Diabetic, Weight Watchers, and Atkins nutritional guidelines. You can find more info on the Miss Jones Baking Co. website.

If you’re looking for a chocolate keto treat, try these 3 net carb chocolate smoothies! Miss Jones Baking Co Brownie Mix is sold in-store only as of the date of this post – however you can find loads of Keto products at!

Miss Jones Baking Co. Keto Brownies are Costco Item Number 1506702

$12.79 for 3 pouches of mix; makes 42 brownies total

Costco Contessa

Miss Jones Baking Co Keto & Paleo Brownies Nutritional Panel

Keto & Paleo Brownie Mix now at Costco Stores - Costco Contessa

Costco Keto Brownies Ingredient Panel

Keto & Paleo Brownie Mix now at Costco Stores - Ingredients - Miss Jones - See more at Costco Contessa
Keto & Paleo Brownie Mix now at Costco Stores - Ingredients - Miss Jones - See more at Costco Contessa
Keto & Paleo Brownie Mix now at Costco Stores - Ingredients - Miss Jones - See more at Costco Contessa

Where to Find Keto Brownies at Costco

Miss Jones Baking Co. Keto & Paleo friendly Brownie Mix is in the dry goods aisle. As it is new, it’s currently on the end cap, but I think we can reasonably expect it will be moved to the flour aisle and ultimately reside near the traditional brownie mix.

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Keto Food at Costco

While you’re in-store, keep your eyes out for Keto bread, Keto hamburger buns, Keto dips and sauces (all kinds including refrigerated and bottled), Healthy oils including avocado, MCT and extra virgin olive oils, Keto Ice Cream, egg bites, parm crisps, crustless quiche, fish, king crab legs, beef, poultry, pork, pre-cooked meats, salads, shakes, keto protein powders, keto bars, keto sweet treats, and more! What are your favorite Keto products at Costco?

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