Costco BelGioioso Burrata beloved Italian cheese is a special treat and it’s a great deal at Costco! BelGioioso Burrata fresh mozzarella is the cadillac of all mozzarella – if you know you know! If you haven’t had it, you are missing out! It’s an ultra soft, ultra delicate, soft mozzarella soaked in cream. It’s made out of a “pouch” of stretched mozzarella cheese filled with cream-soaked stracciatella. The result is a pearly white ball that oozes with cream when you cut into it.

Our favorite preparation is with fresh peaches and basil. But there isn’t a preparation of burrata yet that I don’t love…pretty much anything with basil and olive oil and baguette…and cabernet…ok now I’m hungry!

Costco BelGioioso Burrata Mozzarella Cheese
Bel Gioioso Burrata at Costco

Needless to say, I buy burrata regularly, but I highly recommend treating yourself some time. It regularly makes it way into my cart and my kitchen! It makes a great appetizer for guests or Saturday night at home with a glass of wine. Not too fancy for casual dining, but certainly will make your foodie friends happy.

Pro Tip: Burrata should be served room temperature.

Costco BelGioioso Burrata - CostContessa
Costco BelGioioso Burrata - CostContessa
Costco BelGioioso Burrata - CostContessa

Serving Suggestions for Costco BelGioioso Burrata

  • Keep it classic with a caprese – arugula, sliced tomato, fresh basil, olive oil, fresh ground sea salt, fresh ground pepper
  • Topped with diced fresh peaches, fresh basil, olive oil and fresh ground sea salt
  • Add it to a homemade pizza
  • Add it to a beet salad
  • Add it to a citrus salad
  • Serve with crostini and a variety of accompaniments such as prosciutto, figs, marcona almonds
Costco BelGioioso Burrata - CostContessa

Nutrition Facts

BelGioioso is gluten free and rBST free.

Costco BelGioioso Burrata - CostContessa

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Costco Item Number and Pricing

BelGioioso Mozzarella Burrata 1lb Tub is Costco Item Number 318901 and Costs $6.49. Each container of Burrata contains 4 large balls of burrata.

Bel Gioioso Burrata from Costco - Each containers has 4 large balls of burrata.

More information is available from the manufacturer here.