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Groth Cabernet on sale at Costco.

About Groth Family Wines

It didn’t take the Groth family long to know that in buying the Oakville Estate, they had acquired a special property. The first recognition that immediately put Groth on the map and confirmed their credentials was when Robert Parker of the Wine Advocate gave the Groth 1985 Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon the distinction of being California’s first perfect 100-point wine. This sparked feverish demand for the wine.

The Groth family’s commitment to quality continues to draw recognition. Groth wines have been ranked on Wine Spectator’s prestigious Top 100 Wines list eight times in the winery’s history, most recently in 2019, when the 2016 Reserve Cabernet was No. 4.

About Thee Groth Oakville Estate

Oakville is a breathtakingly beautiful place set among centuries-old oak trees and a patchwork of meticulously planted vineyards stretching between the majestic mountain bookends of the Mayacamas to the West and the Vaca range to the East.

With hope, intuition, a shared vision and their esteemed neighbors, the Groth family helped Oakville become recognized as one of the world’s preeminent wine regions. Today, the Oakville AVA is home to the largest concentration of the very best Napa Valley producers of Cabernet Sauvignon.

Dennis and Judy Groth relocated full time to Oakville in 1985 and established their family home there. They learned quickly that farming communities are tight-knit, and you rely on your neighbors for advice and guidance frequently. Their children grew up there. In the early days, the vineyards were their playground, but as time moved on, they gained a great appreciation for their estate and how important it is to farm the right way to protect their asset for future generations.

The Groth Oakville Estate is nestled on the valley floor in the heart of the Napa Valley. The Oakville AVA is arguably the finest Cabernet Sauvignon appellation in the United States. Robert Mondavi thought so, reviving the historic To Kalon Vineyard and constructing the first post-Prohibition winery in Oakville in 1962. The Groth estate parcel is a 121-acre vineyard that was originally planted between 1972 and 1974 by Justin Meyer, who went on to achieve great acclaim with Silver Oak.

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