Chicken Flautas at Costco

Chicken Flautas at Costco

Chicken Flautas from Costco are a tasty and convenient snack or quick meal option for busy families. Made with a flavorful seasoned shredded chicken (it’s a little spicy, beware!), the chicken flautas at Costco are rolled into crunchy corn tortillas, and deep-fried until golden and crispy. Costco’s chicken flautas are easy to prepare and can be made in the microwave, conventional oven or the air fryer.

Costco’s Chicken Flautas are packed with protein and a savory blend of Mexican flavors, so they are sure to be a hit for any occasion. Costco flautas are a little spicy (they aren’t too spicy for my kids, but my kids do tolerate a bit of spice…).


Our Authentic Kitchen Chicken Flautas, 44 oz

  • Chicken Flautas are Costco Item 1709218
  • 16 servings per container.
  • Each package is 44 ounces, and comes divided into two separate packages 22 ounces each. Each 44 ounce package of Chicken Flautas comes with 16 flautas (or 8 per each 22 ounce pack).
  • Each of the Authentic Kitchen Chicken Flautas from Costco has 150 calories per flauta.
  • $14.99
Chicken Flautas at Costco
Chicken Flautas at Costco

Where to Find Flautas in Store at Costco

The Chicken Flautas at Costco are sold refrigerated, you can find them in the refrigerated specialty prepared food aisles in the Costco Deli section.

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Serving Ideas

Serve them for a family meal or snack, as part of a Mexican dinner spread or Taco Tuesday meal. Serve with prepared chicken enchiladas from the Costco deli or these ideas:

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  1. I do not know if they were the same ones I bought (the label looks different), but the ones I bought at Costco were called “Authentic Kitchen.” Mine had a red label. If they are the same, I will state that it was, at best, swill. Little to no flavor. Absolutely no chicken or cheese flavor. Pure garbage. The frozen stuff taquitos at the local grocery store are better than what I had. Perhaps the only time I ever considered asking for a refund.

    1. If it were me, yes, I would. But that’s definitely a matter of opinion 🙂 I tend to think of use by dates as suggestions and when it comes to meat I don’t deviate too much from them, but 2 days unopened and then ensure heated sufficiently (usually 165 for chicken) and I personally would have no problem with that…but again…it’s how comfortable you are with use by dates 🙂

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