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New Amylu Chicken Meatballs at Costco – Cranberry and Jalapeno

amylu chicken meatballs at costco

Amylu chicken meatballs at Costco are fan favorite and a staple in the specialty aisles. They’re pork-free, gluten free, no added nitrates and packed with protein. The latest seasonal chicken meatballs from Amylu to hit Costco are the Cranberry and Jalapeno meatballs, and they’re good!

What We Like About Amylu Chicken Meatballs at Costco

The Amylu Chicken Meatballs at Costco are delicious – they don’t really require a lot of sauce or prep – they taste great on their own. The cranberry and jalapeno chicken meatballs are not too spicy…but packed with fall flavors and a nice kick!


Much like the Kirkland Signature frozen meatballs, the Amylu chicken meatballs are also very versatile. While this flavor doesn’t scream for Rao’s like the KS meatballs, their own unique flavor lends itself well to a variety of preparations. Most often, we cut them up and put them into a sandwich, or toss with pasta and veggies for a one-pot meal. We may or may not snack on them right out of the fridge sometimes. They’re an easy weeknight dinner, or plate them with a little dipping sauce and serve them as an appetizer at your holiday party!

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They’re a healthy and flavorful pre-made meal shortcut – and we’re fans!

Amylu Chicken meatballs at Costco - Gluten Free, Pork Free and No Nitrates Added
Amylu chicken meatballs at Costco are now available in cranberry and jalapeno flavor!

Amylu Chicken Meatballs Product Details

  • Refrigerated (these aren’t frozen)
  • 15 servings per package
  • No Nitrates Added
  • Gluten Free
  • Pork Free
  • 14g of Protein Per Serving
  • $1 Per Serving

Costco Item Number & Price

Amylu Cranberry & Jalapeno Chicken Meatballs, 46 oz are Costco Item #1487910 and cost $14.99 in-store or $1 per serving.

They’ll cost about $16.86 if ordered on Instacart.

Each package has about 60 meatballs, or about 15 servings. Each serving packs 14 grams of protein!

Where to Find Them In Store

The Amylu Chicken Sausages at Costco are in the refrigerated speciality aisles near the deli. You’ll find them alongside Kevin’s and Chef Hak’s prepared foods.

ProTip: We see Amylu Chicken Meatballs at Costco go on sale for up to $4 off per package! Keep your eye on the Costco Coupon Books for savings!

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