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Costco Toy Clearance Online

costco toy clearance

Thanksgiving is barely behind us, and we’re already seeing online Costco toy clearance deals heading into the holidays! Costco toy season is year round online but limited in variety, and in-stores its really limited to one short season – toys start rolling out a little before Halloween and they’re nearly gone by Christmas. Keep your eye out both at Costco online and in-store at your local warehouse – they’re starting!! Save more on great gifts for kids right now!

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Last year was the start of supply chain challenges, long waits at the ports, and ground transport shortages – so we saw a lot of toys come in late, and even after the New Year. This year we saw toys start coming in earlier than ever before – likely the result of concerns with delays again this year. No matter how you cut it, toy season at Costco short and sweet and the toy clearance is starting already…so if you’ve been eyeing anything thinking you’ll get it closer to Christmas or Hanukkah…we suggest you get it while it’s available!

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What We Like About Toys at Costco

First and foremost Costco carries a great selection of toy brands at very competitive prices. From Lego to American Girl to Barbie to Disney, Costco Warehouses and costco.com have really high quality brands that kids want for holiday gifts and prices that are pretty hard to beat. The toys at Costco are good value, and today we’re all stretching our budgets and looking for ways to find coveted and high quality at the best price!

Although it’s not a super wide variety like you might find at your local toy store or online, it’s really narrowed down to the high-quality gifts and toys that you want without any of the hassle of trying to time your shopping with sales or coupons, etc. – just good values, good quality, and of course a great return policy!

That said, when the already great value on Costco toys are marked down with clearance tags, you can really get some deals. Toys are priced slightly lower in store than they are online at costco.com, because online prices generally will include shipping expenses…so if you’re looking for the absolute best deals on toys, you’ll want to be sure to check in-store at Costco too!

Toy Brands You’ll Find at Costco

There are TONS more than this, but as you can see…it’s the good stuff!

  • American Girl
  • Barbie
  • Lego
  • Magformers
  • Disney 
  • Squishmallows
  • VTech 
  • Harry Potter
  • Pokemon
  • Nerf
  • Transformers
  • Star Wars
  • KidKraft
  • Mario Kart
  • Arcade1up
  • Fisher Price 
  • Polly Pocket
  • LOL surprise

Costco Toy Clearance Deals

We spotted several toy clearance deals today online at Costco!

American Girl Bitty Baby Doll and Accessory Gift Set

Costco Toy Clearance Online - CostContessa
Costco Clearance on American Girl Bitty Baby Gift Set

Barbie Wildlife Adventure Jeep & Dolls Gift Set

Costco Toy Clearance Online - CostContessa
Barbie Wildlife Jeep Gift Set with 3 Barbies and 6 Animals on Clearance at Costco

Minions Real Live Stuart

Costco Toy Clearance Online - CostContessa
Clearance on Minions: Real Live Stuart at Costco

Story Magic Magnetic Dress Up Doll Set

Costco Toy Clearance Online - CostContessa
Story Magic Magnetic Dress Up Doll Set with Over 50 Outfits Now on Clearance

Did you find any great Costco toy clearance deals lately? We’d love to hear what you found! Please drop us a note in the comments!

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costco toy clearance
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