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Ovenplus Pizza Oven and Salamander Grill

Costco BBQ Pizza Oven CAPT'N COOK Ovenplus

We wanted to share this great deal we found on the Capt’n Cook Ovenplus Pizza Oven and Salamander Grill online at Costco.com! This all-in-one propane grill features a double pizza oven and bbq grill drawer – it’s compact, lightweight, and it’s a super steal online at Costco! Pizza from a real pizza oven at home is a game changer!

If you order out for pizza often, this will more than pay for itself! If an average pizza order is about $35 and it costs about $5 to make the same pizza at home, you’ll break even in 11 pizza nights. Although it feels a bit like a splurge, it’s a budget friendly choice in the long run. Course there’s convenience of ordering pizza…but there’s always the Kirkland Pepperoni Pizza or call in a pizza order at the Costco Food Court!


Note: The grill does not come with the stand shown on Costco.com but you can grab it on Amazon here.

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See the Capt’n Cook Pizza Oven in action with this Chef’s review of crispy savory cheese pizza!


CAPT’N COOK OvenPlus Portable Gas Pizza Oven can cook two pizzas at the same time! Designed for high heat pizza cooking for a crispy crust and well cooked toppings. Doubles as an oven for baking and bbq grill!

  • Double Pizza Oven
  • Salamander Oven Grill
  • Multi-Function
  • No Flare-Ups
  • Smokeless (nearly) Grill Drawer
  • Portable
  • Easy to Clean
  • Runs of Propane

This CAPT’N COOK grill is available at a number of retailers – here’s a quick price comparison:

Ovenplus Double Pizza Oven BBQ Margherita Pizza
Ovenplus Double Pizza Oven at Costco

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Ovenplus Pizza Oven is Available at Costco!

Costco Item Number & Price

Capt’n Cook Ovenplus Pizza Oven and Grill is Costco Item Number 1591558 and costs $329.99 online at Costco.com, including free shipping. We haven’t spotted this item in-store yet, but we hope to soon!

Costco PIzza Oven
Costco CAPT’N COOK Pizza Oven from Ovenplus

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