Fan favorite here…Costco Orange Chicken! This Bibigo Tempura Orange Chicken is a great “fakeout” option for make-at-home Chinese food. Chunks of chicken breast cooked tempura style with everyone’s favorite orange sauce…add some rice and [maybe] some vegetables on the side and this is a hit with even the smallest and pickiest of eaters! Costco orange chicken is a crowd pleaser!

What we like about Costco Orange Chicken:

  • It tastes pretty good
  • Chicken is better quality than your average take out
  • We can pair it with healthier sides when we make it at home
  • It’s MUCH cheaper
  • No MSG
  • We know what’s in it
Costco Orange Chicken Fake Out

What we don’t love about Costco Orange Chicken:

  • It’s not a good choice for those who need a low sodium diet
  • Could have better oils in it (FWIW as an alternative to Chinese takeout, we don’t believe that real takeout would have any better oils so…)

Serve Tempura Orange Chicken with:

Costco Orange Chicken Nutritional Facts

Costco Orange Chicken Nutritional Panel


Costco Orange Chicken Ingredients
Costco Orange Chicken Ingredients

Bibigo Tempura Orange Chicken (2) 33 Oz Bags is Costco Item Number 1426179 is Costs $14.79. It is available in-store only.

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