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Update: Healthy Noodle at Costco is Back

Healthy Noodle at Costco

Just a quick update on Healthy Noodle at Costco. It’s back in stock in my store (Hawthorne, CA) – was excited to buy it again! Healthy Noodle was out of stock for awhile – my understanding is that they were having supply chain challenges (like everyone else out there)…so hopefully Healthy Noodles will be back in stock in all stores soon (if not already). See our full post on all the details on Healthy Noodle at Costco.

Why We Love Healthy Noodle

We love that these are a keto-friendly, low carb pasta substitute. They taste great when prepared with a good hearty sauce, and they are dairy free, sugar free, cholesterol free and gluten free! Def need these on your Costco keto shopping list!

Healthy Noodles at Costco are back on the shelves
Healthy Noodle at Costco

Where to Find Healthy Noodle at Costco

If you’re looking for Healthy Noodles near you, check out the Healthy Noodle store locator to find where to buy Healthy Noodle nearby. They aren’t carried at all the Costco stores near me…it’s odd…it’s only at a few scattered stores. This locator will also show you if they are sold at other stores near you.

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