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Kirkland Signature Choice Beef Ribeye Steak at Costco

Boneless Ribeye Steak at Costco - Kirkland Signature USDA Choice Beef

The USDA Choice Kirkland Signature Beef Ribeye Steak at Costco is a super deal (for ribeye, it’s all relative!). Each package of boneless steaks usually has 3-4 large steaks, or around 4 lbs in each package. It’s nicely marbled and blade tenderized.

Ribeye Steak at Costco
Beef Ribeye Steaks at Costco

You can keep the Beef Ribeye Steak from Costco refrigerated, or freeze it to use later.


Our Review

We like to cook ribeye steaks a little longer on indirect heat on the BBQ, and generally we just season them with generous grinds of salt- they are a nice cut and have lots of great flavor and don’t need much!

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They are a top pick of my husband and 8 year old. Our picky 10 year old doesn’t like any marbling, so he won’t eat them…he will barely touch filet mignon lol. Ribeye isn’t really the best choice for finicky eaters in my experience (not specific to Costco’s Ribeye, but really all steaks with more fat/marbling/gristle).

Your Review of the Costco Ribeye Steak?

Do you buy the Ribeye Steaks from Costco? We’d love to hear what you think, drop a note in the comments! And if you have any cooking tips, please share them!!

Costco Item Number & Price

The Kirkland Signature Beef Ribeye Steak boneless USDA Choice is Costco Item Number 33444 and costs $13.99 per pound or about $55 – $60 per package.

Online & Delivery Availability

You can order these Ribeye Steaks from Same Day Costco delivery [aka Instacart]. Costco also sells Choice Ribeye Steaks on the Cold & Frozen grocery program (grocery delivery from Costco.com), but fair warning they are WAY more expensive…

Kirkland Signature USDA Choice Beef Ribeye Steak at Costco Price
Kirkland Signature Beef Ribeye Steak at Costco is $13.99 per pound in-store.

Where to Find Them In-Store at Costco

Find USDA Choice Costco Ribeye Steaks in the Choice section of the open refrigerated cases in the Meat & Seafood Department. They are sold refrigerated (not frozen).

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