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Cali’Flour Keto Lasagne at Costco


New Costco Find! You can now buy Cali’Flour Keto Lasagne at Costco stores! Everyone loves comfort food…this new frozen lasagne at Costco is keto friendly and loaded with veggies. This low carb, low calorie lasagne has layers of cauliflower noodles, basil, spinach, zucchini, and ricotta. It’s also gluten-free, grain free and ready in 5 minutes! We love seeing healthy frozen meal options!

Availability Note: Cali’Flour lasagne is not available in Costco stores nationwide as of today – February 2, 2023 – we’re currently seeing this in the Southeast region (Florida, Georgia, etc). We’re hoping to see it in our local Costco store soon!


We’re DYING for this to come to the West Coast. We loved the cauli mac and are generally just a fan of baked cheesy stuff, so low carb versions of baked cheesy comfort foods work well for us to cut some carbs and calories. If you tried it we’d love to hear what you think! And which store you found it in!

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If it’s not in your region…you can try the Cali’Flour Keto Product Locator.

Product Features

  • 4 – 9oz portions
  • 14g of protein
  • 12g net carbs
  • 220 calories
  • grain free
  • gluten free
  • keto friendly
  • ready in 5 minutes in the microwave

Cali’Flour Keto Lasagne Costco Price & Item Number

Cali’Flour Keto Lasagne (4) 9oz portions costs $12.99 at Costco in-store, and is Costco Item #1599845.

Online & Order Availability

You can order the Cali’Flour Keto Lasagne from Costco Same Day grocery delivery service for $15.20.

keto lasagne at costco
New at Costco! Keto Low Carb Lasagne – 12g Net Carbs!

Where to Find it in Store

You’ll find the Keto Lasagne at Costco in the freezer aisle.

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