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Bibigo Sticky White Rice Bowls – Microwaveable

Bibigo White Sticky Rice at Costco - Microwave

These are a STAPLE at our house! We always have the Bibigo Microwaveable Sticky White Rice Bowls from Costco on hand! Our oldest child is really (really!) picky…and while he will try new foods, he often doesn’t like them or eat much of them and these are a lifesaver to have on hand and we can make one of these to add to his options at any given meal in just 90 seconds in the microwave.


Each box of Bibigo sticky microwave rice comes with a dozen small microwaveable bowls, each bowl is 7.4 oz of rice – its usually plenty for both my kids to split, or if we’re all going to eat rice with dinner, then I make 2 bowls. Since I started buying this they have come out with this big case of it which is great! It was previously sold in packs of 6, and now it’s a box of 12. Some stores may still carry the packs of 6 rice bowls – it’s the same thing though.


It’s pretty good so far as microwave rice goes – and it’s truly sticky – could definitely use this with noori to make little “sushi” rolls. Though you can really eat this rice with any meal, it’s Bibigo and it’s “sticky” rice which is perhaps a more traditionally Asian style than say a jasmine rice, but honestly, it’s just a really good white rice.

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Serve it with Orange Chicken, Tri Tips or Rotisserie Chicken for a quick and easy, budget-friendly meal shortcut.

Product Features:

  • Gluten Free
  • Vegan
  • Non-GMO
  • Microwaveable Packages
  • 90 Seconds
  • Medium Grain
  • Sticky

Costco Price

Bibigo Cooked Sticky White Rice Bowls, 7.4 oz, 12 ct is Costco item #1685578 and costs $10.69 in-store

Bibigo Cooked Sticky White Rice Microwaveable Bowls at Costco - Gluten Free. Vegan
Bibigo Sticky White Rice from Costco – Microwaveable

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