9 Foot Pre Lit Artificial Christmas Tree at Costco

Costco Pre-Lit Christmas Trees In-Store

As the popularity of artificial Christmas trees grows, so has the quality – there are many on the market now that, when decorated well with attention to detail, can look very realistic! This 9-foot pre-lit artificial christmas tree at Costco is very competitively priced, versatile, and attractive! This is another of our favorite Costco Christmas tree 2022 options!

This 9-Foot Artificial Costco Christmas Tree is already sold out online, but you can still find it in-store!


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Why We Like This Costco Artificial Christmas Tree

The faux tree from Costco itself is easy to assemble – the tree sections just slide together. And it’s pre-wired with a pole-to-pole connection which enables automatic lighting – so that means no messy sectional cords, and no extra plugs necessary. One plug!

And of course taking down a pre-lit artificial Christmas tree down is lighty ears easier than trying to remove strings of lights from a real, dried out old tree…it’s just pops apart inverse from how you put it together. Much quicker and much less mess.

We can’t say we are tricked entirely that the 9 Foot artificial Christmas tree at Costco is real…but it looks beautiful nonetheless when it’s fully decorated and lit up, and it still gives off all the good warm Christmas tree feels. Plus 9-foot Christmas trees are very expensive where we live, and this is actually quite cost effective if you use it for 3 years.

9 ft Pre-lit Radiant Micro LED Artificial Christmas Tree at Costco

Features of the Costco christmas tree 9 ft include:

  • 2700 micro LED lights
  • remote control with dimmer
  • 5 optional lighting functions
  • 13 brightness levels
  • pedestal on-off switch
  • minimal shaping necessary

Costco Item Number and Price

9 ft costco christmas tree pre lit radiant micro LED artificial Christmas tree is Costco item number one 48703 1 and cost $699.99 in store. You can also find this LED Christmas tree available online with shipping for $799.99 at costco.com. 

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7..5 Foot and 9 Foot Artificial Pre-Lit Christmas Trees In-Store at Costco

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How much are pre-lit artificial Christmas trees at Costco?

Pre-Lit Artificial Christmas Trees at Costco

Costco carries two pre-lit artifical Christmas trees in-store – a 7.5 foot tree which costs $499.99 and a 9 foot tree which costs $699.99. They carry more variations online at costco.com.

Pre-Lit 9 Foot Christmas Tree at Costco
Costco carries a gorgeous 9 Foot Pre-List Christmas Tree In-Store for $699!
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