Kirkland Signature XL Absorbent Dog Pads at Costco

Kirkland Signature Absorbent Pads for Dogs - XL

Whether you are potty training a new puppy or you’ve wee wee pad trained your dog…the Kirkland Signature XL Absorbent Dog Pads at Costco are a super deal! These Costco dog pee pads are made in the USA, designed to be absorbent and have a poly backing that seals in leaks.

Why We Like Kirkland Dog Pads at Costco

We like the super huge size. We foster rescue dogs who generally come to us as adults and are not potty trained or crate trained. We often need to cover a large area with pads, so larger size means easier to put down and pull out. And, they VERY competitively priced for the size.


To be honest, no dog pee pad out there really absorbs a 30lb adult dog’s quantity of urine. They just don’t. But these do a pretty good job of keeping the urine on the pad and and get a lot less on the floor. We haven’t puppy trained a dog on these (we haven’t ever had a puppy), but think that they less amount of pee there is, the better they work so certainly would perform even better with a puppy.

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We think the size of the extra large Costco pads makes them good multipurpose absorbent pads, and could lend themselves well to being placed on a mattress under the sheet to help absorb urine from diaper leaks. They are certainly not designed for that and definitely won’t absorb a full bladder of urine, but for leaky diapers we think these could really help reduce urine seeping into the mattress.

dog pads at costco

Kirkland Signature Dog Training Pads Feature:

  • Poly backing protects against leaks
  • Locks in wetness with quilted top layer
  • Round the clock odor control
  • Quick absorption reduces splash and tracking
  • Use for training, bedding, messy jobs

Kirkland Dog Pads Details

  • 100-count
  • 30 inches L x 23 inches W
  • Made in the USA

Costco Dog Pads Price & Item Number

Kirkland Signature Extra-Large Absorbent Pads, 30 in L X 23 in W, 100-count is Costco Item Number 956696 and costs in-store.

Kirkland SIgnature XL Absorbent Dog Training Pads 30 in x 23 in, 100 pack, are also available online at costco.com for $21.99.

Puppy Training Pee Pads at Costco - Wee Wee Pads - Kirkland Signature
Kirkland Signature Extra-Large Absorbent Puppy Dog Training Pads at Costco
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