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Rodry the Bearded Dragon Squishmallows Joins The New 2022 Squish at Costco

Rodry the Bearded Dragon Squishmallows

Today I found four more new Squishmallows at Costco. This week‘s new Squish in store at Costco are Doxl the green frog with a rainbow belly, Rodry the Bearded Dragon Squishmallow, Tina the Tiger, and YuanYuan the purple pegasus (I think!?). This is in addition to the three new Squishmallows that I found last week! Rodry and YuanYuan are both brand new Mallows with squishdates in 2022.

See below for more info on Rodry, and see the others in my new squish finds here!


Squishmallows are going to be super popular Christmas gifts and Hanukkah gifts for kids this year. Squishmallows are very popular with kids of all ages, both boys girls from age 4 to 12 love Squish and the super jumbo Squishmallows at Costco are 24 inches tall and cost $36.99 in store. This is a great price compared to virtually every other retailer. Most retailers are selling 12 to 16 inch Mallows at this price or more!

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I do expect all of the new 2022 Squishmallows at Costco to sell out really quickly this year, well before Christmas. I suspect possibly even by Thanksgiving. Hopefully will continue to see them restocked and/or more new Squish to come…however they are pretty sold out online and there are very few left to order so I do a highly recommend that if you want any of these for your kids for one of the upcoming holidays that you go ahead and buy them in-store well in advance and not rely on them being available closer to the holidays.

Rodry the Bearded Dragon Squishmallows at Costco - Brand New for Fall 2022!
Rodry is a bright yellow 24″ bearded dragon Squishmallows, he’s brand new to the Squishmallows collection in 2022 and available at Costco!

Rodry the Bearded Dragon Squishmallows – NEW!

Rodry is a new squishmallows at Costco, and a new Squish for 2022! He’s a bright canary yellow bearded dragon Squishmallows!

  • Bearded Dragon
  • S24 #1784
  • SQUISHDATE 05.06.2022

Here’s a pic of his back side, how cute!! LOVE Rodry, I walked around with him in my cart and decided to put him back, but I might or might not go back and get him. Not sure why maybe it’s the super bright yellow but he’s so happy feeling!!

Rodry New 2022 Squishmallows at Costco - Jumbo 24 Inch
Rodry’s back – so cute right!!

About Rodry

Rodry sits in his favorite tree at night to watch the fireflies. It’s like having a personal light show in his backyard! Even when Rodry has company over, he only lights candles to keep the light mostly dim so the fireflies can shine bright. Join Rodry for a twinkling summer night!

Rodry Bearded Dragon Squishmallows Tag Story Costco
Rodry The Bearded Dragon Squishmallows at Costco – NEW!

Costco Price

Rodry costs $36.99 in-store at Costco.

He’s currently not available online at costco.com. Click here to check to see if they’ve added him!

What do you think? Do you love Rodry? Have you spotted him at your Costco? Share where you’ve seen him in the comments to help others find him! If you’ve found other new Squish at Costco that I missed, please share that in the comments too so I can look out for them!! It takes a village to find all the good new Costco Squishmallows 😉

Happy Squishmallows Hunting!!

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