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New! YuanYuan Squishmallow Now at Costco!

YuanYuan Squishmallow

Today I found four more new Squishmallows in-store at Costco including the new YuanYuan Squishmallow who’s a Purple Pegasus. The other new Squish I spotted in store at Costco are Doxl (green frog with a rainbow belly), Rodry (yellow Bearded Dragon), and Tina (striped tiger). These are in addition to the other three new Squishmallows that I found last week! Rodry and YuanYuan are both brand new Mallows with 2022 Squishdates!

See below for more info on YuanYuan the Purple Pegasus Squishmallows, and see the others mallows in my new squish finds here!


Squishmallows are once again expected to be very popular Christmas gifts and Hanukkah gifts for kids this year. Beloved by kids of all ages for their super soft exterior and overstuffed soft pillowy chunk….these super jumbo Squishmallows at Costco are 24 inches tall and cost $36.99 in store which is a great price compared to virtually every other retailer.

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I do expect all of the new 2022 Squishmallows at Costco to sell out really quickly and well before Christmas. Unless they are continually restocked for the Season I’d anticipate they may be all gone by Thanksgiving. Hopefully we will continue to be restocked and/or possibly there are more new Squish to come…that being said, they are pretty sold out online and there are very few left to order so I do a highly recommend that if you want a Costco Squishmallows for your kids for a holiday gift that plan to buy them in-store ASAP and not rely on Squishmallows being available in-store closer to the holidays.

New 2022 Squishmallow at Costco - YuanYuan the Purple Pegasus
YuanYuan Squishmallow at Costco – Jumbo 24″ Pegasus Now in Store!

Purple Pegasus YuanYuan Squishmallow – NEW!

YuanYuan is a new squishmallows at Costco, and a new Squish for 2022! She’s a soft purple pegasus with a mint-green mane, tail and wings!

  • Purple Pegasus
  • S24 #1782
  • SQUISHDATE 05.05.2022
YuanYuan Squishmallows at Costco
YuanYuan New Squishmallows at Costco!

More Squish We Recommend if You Can’t Find YuanYuan at Costco:

New! YuanYuan Squishmallow Now at Costco! - CostContessaNew! YuanYuan Squishmallow Now at Costco! - CostContessa
New! YuanYuan Squishmallow Now at Costco! - CostContessaNew! YuanYuan Squishmallow Now at Costco! - CostContessa
New! YuanYuan Squishmallow Now at Costco! - CostContessaNew! YuanYuan Squishmallow Now at Costco! - CostContessa

YuanYuan’s Story

Yuan Yuan knows the recipe to her dad’s
special chili sauce. She learned exactly how
he makes it and wants to start filling jars with
this delicious recipe so she can share it far and
wide! Yuan Yuan built a website to take orders
and sell the sauce. Can she put you down for
a small jar to start?

Here’s a pic of her back side, how cute!!

YuanYuan Squishmallow

Yuan Yuan Jumbo Squishmallows Costco Price

YuanYuan the Jumbo 20″ Squishmallows at Costco costs $36.99 in-store. Currently she’s on available online at Costco.com.

Click here to check to see if they’ve added her to the Squishmallows available online at Costco!

What do you think? Do you love YuanYuan? Have you spotted her at your Costco?

Share where you’ve seen her in the comments to help others find her! If you’ve found other new Squish at Costco that I missed, please share them all below in the comments – I want to look out for them!! It takes a village to find all the good new Costco Squishmallows 😉

Happy SquishHunting!!

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