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New Doxl Squishmallow Frog 24 Inch at Costco!

New Squishmallows at Costco - Doxl Frog

This week I found four new Squishmallows in-store at Costco including the new Doxl Squishmallow frog 24 inch jumbo squish! Doxl is a beautiful bright green frog with a rainbow belly! The other new Costco Squishmallows I spotted in store were YuanYuan (purple pegasus), Rodry (yellow bearded dragon), and Tina (striped tiger). These mallows are in addition to the other three new Squishmallows that I found last week!

See below for more info on the Doxl Squishmallow Frog, and see the other mallows in my new squish finds here!


Great Holiday Gift Idea for Kids (and Adults!)

Squishmallows are undoubtedly going to be a popular Christmas gifts and Hanukkah gifts for kids (and adults!) this year. The Squish at Costco right now are all 24 inches tall and cost $36.99 in store – this is an unbeatable price compared to virtually every other retailer out there…which means they are going to sell out FAST! They always sell out fast (some collections faster than others, but all are gone pretty quickly!).

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We don’t have any way to tell whether we’ll see these new Squishmallows at Costco restocked for the season, or whether they are limited in quantity….but the mallows online at Costco.com are nearly sold out and there are very few left to order so I do a highly recommend that if you want a bargain (and of course adorable!) Costco Squishmallows for your kids for a holiday gift that plan to buy them in-store ASAP and not rely on Squishmallows being available in-store closer to the holidays. I do expect the Doxl Squishmallows at Costco to be particularly popular.

Doxl Squishmallows at Costco
Doxl Squishmallows 24 Inch at Costco – Now In-Store!

Doxl Squishmallow Frog 24 Inch – New!

Doxl Squishmallow is a new squish at Costco in 2022!

  • Doxl Squishmallow Frog
  • Jumbo 24-Inch Size
  • Bright Green Frog with Rainbow Belly
  • S24 #1426
  • SQUISHDATE 11.24.2021

Doxl Squishmallows Bio

Doxl lives on a farm where he grows organic
veggies and herbs. What he doesn’t eat. he
donates to the local school so the students can
have a healthy and organic lunch! When he’s
not gardening, you can find him playing table
tennis with his best friend, Leonori.

Doxl Squishmallow Frog 24 Inch
New Doxl Frog Squishmallow at Costco – Bio

Can’t Find the Doxl Squishmallows at Costco near you? Here are some more Squish we recommend:

New Doxl Squishmallow Frog 24 Inch at Costco! - CostContessaNew Doxl Squishmallow Frog 24 Inch at Costco! - CostContessa
New Doxl Squishmallow Frog 24 Inch at Costco! - CostContessaNew Doxl Squishmallow Frog 24 Inch at Costco! - CostContessa
New Doxl Squishmallow Frog 24 Inch at Costco! - CostContessaNew Doxl Squishmallow Frog 24 Inch at Costco! - CostContessa

Doxl Frog Squishmallows Costco Price

Doxl the Green Jumbo 24 Inch Frog Squishmallows at Costco costs $36.99 in-store for holiday 2022.

Currently he’s on available online at Costco.com. Click here to check to see if they’ve added him to the Squishmallows available online at Costco!

Have you spotted the Doxl Squishmallow Frog at your Costco?

Share where you’ve seen him in the comments to help others find the Costco Doxl Squishmallow! If you’ve found other new Squish at Costco that I missed, please share them all below in the comments – I want to look out for them!! It takes a village to find all of the Costco Squishmallows ?

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