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7.5 Foot Pre-Lit Christmas Tree at Costco

pre-lit christmas tree at Costco

Are you camp real Christmas tree or faux tree? If you’re trying to decide which one to buy this year, here all the details on the 7.5 foot artificial pre-lit Christmas tree at Costco! Christmas decorations, holiday toys and seasonal foods are coming in daily at Costco, and there are a TON! Right now you can find a 7.5 foot Pre-Lit Christmas Tree in-store at Costco for $20 LESS than last year (yay!), plus another dozen or so artificial christmas trees online at Costco.com.

In another month or so we’ll start seeing the live Costco Christmas Trees, wreaths and garlands come into [most] stores – keep your eye on our New Costco Finds Instagram or head to our New Costco Finds page for more recent finds and updates!


Local Tip: If you happen to shop at my Costco (Marina del Rey, CA) we don’t get real trees at this location…so plan to hit Van Nuys Costco for those! Most US Costco warehouses get trees, I happen to live in a very urban location with very limited parking so we don’t but most do!

ProTip: If you opt for an artificial Christmas tree, you can always put a live wreath, bough or garland in your home to get that gorgeous fresh pine scent!

ProTip: Get double your money for your faux holiday tree and make it a Halloween Tree during October!

Artificial Pre-lit Christmas Tree at Costco
7.5 Foot Artificial Pre-Lit Christmas Tree at Costco

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Why We Like Costco Christmas Trees

We can debate real or fake all day, but there’s no question that fake pre-lit Christmas trees are incredibly quick and easy. The 7.5′ size is a great option for apartment dwellers and those who don’t know the ceiling height of their next home – it’s a “full size” in terms of Christmas Trees, but short enough it’ll fit in any standard ceiling (well, most) apartment, condo, home or office.

If it’s been years since you’ve had an artifical Christmas tree they’ve improved a LOT over the years! These Costco trees are pre-strung with radiant micro LED lights, all you need to do is unpack the box, assemble the pieces into the base, and turn on the power and you’ve got a fully lit 7.5 foot Christmas Tree! And putting away artificial pre-lit trees is light years easier than fussing the strings of lights off a dried out real Christmas tree. Not to mention it doesn’t drop pine needles all over your house!

We love that you don’t have to decide (or debate as it goes in our house) over clear or multicolored lights – the Costco artificial prelit trees come with multifunction lights that can be set to white lights or colored tree lights, plus they can twinkle and other fancy stuff – all via remote control!

There is a wide variety of quality in artificial christmas trees. I personally think that the artificial Christmas trees at Costco trees offer a really good value. Not the cheapest, but truly great quality at an affordable price point.

7.5 foot Radiant Micro LED Pre-lit Christmas Tree at Costco

Features include:

  • 1850 micro LED lights
  • remote control with dimmer
  • 5 optional lighting functions
  • 13 brightness levels
  • pedestal on off switch
  • minimal shaping necessary

Costco Price and Item Number

7.5 ft pre-lit radiant micro LED Christmas tree is Costco item number one 1487014 and costs $479.99 in store.

That’s $20 LESS than this artificial tree at Costco cost last year (it was Costco item number 487014 and cost $499.99 in 2022), so take that inflation!

Online Availability

Find the 7.5′ pre-lit Christmas tree online at Costco.com for $579.99.

Online at costco.com you also find a wider variety of the pre-lit micro LED artificial Christmas trees.

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Pre-Lit Artificial Christmas Trees at Costco
Costco Christmas Trees - 2022 - Artificial Pre-Lit LED Christmas Tree
Costco Christmas Trees Are Already in Stores for Christmas 2022!

Are Christmas Trees Available at Costco?

Yes. Seasonally you can find both real and artificial Christmas trees in-store at Costco, as well as wreaths, decorations, yard decor and more. You can also order a number of artificial Christmas trees online at Costco.com for delivery to your home.

pre-lit christmas tree at Costco
7.5 Foot Pre-Lit Artificial Christmas Trees at Costco
Costco Christmas Trees 2022
2022 Costco Christmas Trees In-Store
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