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12 Foot Pre-Lit Christmas Tree at Costco

Costco Pre-Lit Christmas Trees In-Store

The 12 foot artificial pre-lit Christmas tree in-store at Costco is a super deal! If you are lucky enough to have an extra tall ceiling then you also know these really tall artificial trees can get super expensive! Right now you can find a 12 foot Pre-Lit Christmas Tree in-store at Costco for under $1000, plus another dozen or so artificial christmas trees online at Costco.com including a 14-foot tree. Christmas decorations, holiday toys and seasonal foods are coming in daily at Costco, and there are a TON!

We love that you don’t have to argue about whether to get clear or multicolored lights for your Christmas tree – the 12′ pre-lit Costco artificial Christmas trees come with multifunction lights that can be set to white lights or colored tree lights, and they even have features like twinkling and other special effects that you can control with a remote!

pre-lit christmas tree
12 Foot Pre-Lit Christmas Tree at Costco

12-Foot Pre-Lit Artificial Costco Christmas Trees Feature:

  • 4430 micro LED lights
  • remote control with dimmer
  • 5 optional lighting functions
  • 13 brightness levels
  • pedestal on off switch
  • minimal shaping necessary
  • locking metal stand
  • easy-connect pole for quick assembly
  • indoor use

ProTip: If you opt for an artificial pre-lit Christmas tree, you can always put a live wreath, bough or garland in your home to get that gorgeous fresh pine scent!

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Costco Price and Item Number

12′ Pre-Lit Radiant Micro LED Christmas Tree is Costco Item number 1487755 and costs $999.99 in-store.

You can find also this 12′ pre-lit christmas tree online at Costco.com for $100 additional (shipping).

In another month or so we’ll start seeing the live Costco Christmas Trees, wreaths and garlands come into [most] stores – keep your eye on our New Costco Finds Instagram or head to our New Costco Finds page for more recent finds and updates!

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