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1 Carb Stonemill Kitchens Buffalo Chicken Dip

Stonemill Kitchens Buffalo Chicken Dip
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The Super Bowl is coming…bring on the snacks! Costco now has Stonemill Kitchens Buffalo Chicken Dip in-store! Whether you’re favorite part is the game itself, the halftime show or the commercials…one thing is for sure…everyone likes game day snacks! And buffalo anything is a classic Super Bowl appetizer.

This is an easy shortcut, and it’s made with white meat chicken. Costco also has chicken wings frozen if you’re looking to make real buffalo wings…or air fry them and dip them into the Stonemill Kitchens Buffalo Dip! It’s not currently available in all regions – we hope it will before the Super Bowl comes!


Keto Friendly Snack

Stonemill Kitchens Buffalo Style Chicken Dip is low carb, with 1 g of carbohydrates and 0 added sugars, so it’s Keto-friendly!

Costco Price & Item Number

Stonemill Kitchens Buffalo Chicken Dip, 32 Ounces, costs $12.99 at Costco. Costco Item #1504091.

You can also order the Stonemill Buffalo Chicken Dip from Same Day Costco for $15.20.

Stonemill Kitchens Buffalo Chicken Dip
Super Snack Idea: Low Carb, Keto-Friendly Buffalo Chicken Dip from Costco!

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