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$35 Costco Plants: Fiddle Leaf Figs

Fiddle Leaf Figs

Back in the home and garden seasonal items! These gorgeous and on trend houseplants are an amazing deal at Costco! Fiddle Leaf Figs have huge gorgeous leaves, they are hearty and easy to care for (just water them, and let them at least a little sun)…these are already in stores on the West Coast…in colder/snowy areas you may not see them now but they’ll be there soon with the garden and home seasonal items! You save a lot of money by buying these at Costco!

In addition to the Fiddle Leaf Figs at Costco, they have a number of other tropical plants – see the instagram video below for a quick walk around of the different plants that were in my local Costco last week!


Why We Love Fiddle Leaf Figs

We own two fiddle leaf fig plants, as well as a number of fruit trees and other seasonal plans from Costco and besides being a super deal, they always come healthy and hearty.

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Fiddle Leaf Figs in particular are a nice statement house plant as a part of your home decor – with huge giant oversized leaves, they look great in a natural fiber basket “pot” – just make sure you put a plastic base in the bottom to catch extra water. They’re also easy to care for, and really just need a shred of sun and some water once a week.

Costco Price & Item Number

Fiddle Leaf Figs and Assorted Tropical Plants, 3.5 gallons, cost $34.99 in-store at Costco, and are Costco Item #1421976.

You can almost offset the cost of a Costco Membership just by buying 1 of these when you compare to the price of Fiddle Leaf Figs at major home and garden stores!

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