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Fresh Steelhead Salmon at Costco

Fresh Steelhead Salmon From Costco with Skin On

In the Fresh Meat and Seafood department at Costco, you can find fresh steelhead salmon fillets. This salmon at Costco is farm-raised in Norway and they are boneless with skin on. These 2lb salmon fillets are fresh, and have not been frozen, and they can be cut into portions and frozen at home to use later to make many meals from a single piece.

The Steelhead Salmon isn’t sold online, however there are a number of other types of salmon that ship frozen from costco.com including Sockeye Salmon, Atlantic Salmon, Tartare, and more!


How we Like to Prepare our Salmon

Our favorite and most simple salmon preparation is to barbecue the salmon. Skin-on salmon is great for the barbecue because you can put skin side down right onto the barbecue grill. We season our salmon with any of the following seasonings:

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  • Garlic salt
  • Buttery seasoning
  • Lemon pepper seasoning

We just throw the whole fillet of salmon from Costco on the BBQ Grill and cook until the desired doneness. Our kids like salmon well done so our family generally cooks It well done, however you can cook it as rare or as well done as you like!

When it’s not BBQ season, we place on a large baking sheet with parchment paper under it, top with seasonings, and bake. These fillets of fresh salmon at Costco also work great with a bbq grill basket if you don’t want to put the salmon directly onto the grill.

How do you prepare your steelhead salmon fillets? We’d love to know! Please share all your favorite salmon preparations in the comments!

Fresh Skin-On Salmon From Costco
Fresh Steelhead Salmon May Be Portioned And Frozen For Later

Costco Item Number and Price

Fresh steelhead fillet farm-raised salmon is Costco item number 17368 and costs  $10.99 per pound. Each piece is just under 2 lb or about $20.

salmon at costco
Fresh Steelhead Salmon at Costco

Leftover Salmon Meal Ideas

Although this piece of salmon from Costco is quite large, we usually cook the whole piece and use the leftovers for a variety of other meals. Or cut it before cooking and freeze pieces of it raw for another meal.

Salmon on Salad – we toss some greens with tomatoes and cucumbers and top with the salmon either cold or warm, and our favorite dressing. This is our go-to healthy leftover lunch.

Salmon Cakes –  you can basically make a crab cake but you can use salmon instead. When you make them at home you can also adjust the amount of bread crumbs or substitute traditional bread crumbs for crushed pork rinds to make them low carb.  Salmon cakes can be served with aioli or tartar sauce similar to the way that you would eat a crab cake or you can use it like a homemade salmon burger. These are really flexible and you can find tons and tons of recipes online based on the ingredients you have on hand at home. These are also great for air fryers.

salmon at costco
Fresh Steelhead Salmon Fillets at Costco Meat & Seafood Department
Farmed Norwegian Steelhead Salmon From Costco
Farmed Norwegian Steelhead Salmon From Costco

Costco Steelhead Salmon Alternatives

If you’re local Costco store doesn’t carry the fresh Steelhead Salmon fillet, Sam’s Club also offers a Sashimi Grade Norwegian Atlantic Salmon that’s worth a look! And Amazon Fresh has a fresh salmon fillet they deliver!

What We Love About Salmon Nutritionally

  • Salmon is a delicious source of lean protein
  • Salmon has healthy fats, as well as a variety of essential vitamins and minerals
  • Salmon is rich in long-chain omega-3 fatty acids, which are reputed to reduce inflammation, lower blood pressure, and may decrease risk factors for a variety of diseases
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