SPAM Recipes

Easy Crispy SPAM Fritter Recipe

Wondering what to make with SPAM? There’s the SPAM favorites like SPAM and eggs, SPAM and rice or plain old fried SPAM…but what else? From the slow cooker to curry…there are tons of delicious and easy SPAM recipes to choose from! We’ve highlighted a few of our favorite SPAM recipes below…

We’ve rounded up some super easy SPAM recipes to make affordable, shelf stable, canned SPAM taste absolutely delicious! How do you make SPAM? Tell us your favorite way to prepare or serve your SPAM!


Costco sells SPAM in store as well as a variety of SPAM at

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How to Make SPAM in your air fryer at home - crispy fried SPAM the healthy way!
Air Fryer Spam – Quick & Easy Snack or Meal Idea

Fun Fact
There are 12.8 cans of SPAM products eaten every second!

SPAM Recipes
SPAM Musubi Recipe: SPAM, Rice and Nori

SPAM Recipes

In this recipe, succulent SPAM® pieces are covered in a crispy, light, and golden beer batter. Learn how to make this delicious British classic at home from scratch using SPAM®!

This quick and easy SPAM® Steak Sandwich is perfect for BBQs, picnics or a quick summer lunch or dinner! It’s kid-friendly, too! Try different sauces to mix it up and customize it for your family.

Adding rice and nori might just be the best thing to ever happen to SPAM® – whether you’re looking for the classic SPAM® Musubi recipe or a fun twist (like a SPAM® Musubi Burrito!), you’ll find lots of ideas here!

If you love SPAM but are looking for a new and easy SPAM recipe, check out this quick and easy SPAM Soup recipe. To make it, all you need are a few pantry items and SPAM!

SPAM® Fritters Katsu Curry is a delicious combination of flavourful curry sauce and the crispy, crunchy iconic SPAM® Fritter. Plus this SPAM® curry recipe is affordable and easy to make, so it’s ideal for midweek family dinners

How to cook air fryer SPAM® so it’s perfectly crispy, plus how to cook diced potatoes with it for a completely delicious and budget friendly meal in under 20 minutes flat!

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SPAM Sandwich Recipe Instructions – How To Make a SPAM Sammy
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