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FLTR Single Use Face Masks at Costco

Single Use Face Masks at Costco

It’s been a long time since we’ve seen any N95 Face Masks in-store at Costco- currently these FLTR Single Use Face Masks at Costco are available in-store and online. Each box of these FLTR black disposable face masks has 75 masks.

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Our Review

We buy these black FLTR Single Use Masks at Costco and my husband and I like them (though we did prefer the blue (they are a bit softer) but we haven’t seen the blue in a long, long time) – overall these are well made and comfortable disposable masks.

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My husband found that the the elastics on the last brand of single-use face masks carried in-store at Costco broke easily on him…but the FLTR don’t break. Two thumbs up!

FLTR also makes a kids mask we use too!

Costco Item Number & Price

FLTR General Use Mask 75CT Black is Costco Item Number 1519662 and costs $9.99 per box or $0.13 each. These are also available online at Costco.com including shipping for the same price.

Note: FLTR Face Masks from Costco are FSA Eligible

Single Use Face Masks at Costco
Single Use FLTR Face Masks at Costco Available Online & In-Store

Is There Still a Limit on Face Masks at Costco

There was previously a limit of 2 boxes of the FLTR Single Use Face Masks at Costco, but those limits have been lifted at the time of this post…we do not see limits posted anymore.

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If you have purchased (or seen) N95 Masks in-store, please tell us where in the comments! We know other readers want to know! Thank you!

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