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FLTR Kids Face Masks at Costco

Kids Face Masks at Costco

The FLTR Kids Face Masks at Costco are available both online and in-store – we use these for our kids and they are great! These kids face masks are adjustable, single use, general use face masks and each box contains 50 masks and 20 ear loop clips.

Why We Like FLTR Kids Masks

Luckily, we’re using less and less masks these days, but masks haven’t gone away completely (at least where I live), and I always keep a box of these on hand just in case.


The FLTR kids face masks at Costco come in great colors for kids, and both of my kids love them! My kids are 7 and 9 and are big for their age and they fit them great right out of the box! FLTR Kids disposable masks at Costco come with small plastic clamps for the elastics so you can customize the size smaller for younger kids.

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Although they are definitely a little small, I can wear these too in a pinch. I find a lot of masks are tiny and made for toddlers, but these are great for bigger kids.

The green pixelated color looks a lot line Minecraft, which is super popular with kids…and there are two die-dye colors…all in all it’s a good combination of fun styles/colors for both boys and girls.

FLTR Kids Single Use Masks at Costco
FLTR Kids Face Masks at Costco

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Costco Item Number & Price

FLTR Kids General Use Face Mask, 50 Masks is Costco Item #1491628 and cost $6.99 in-store or online at Costco.com, including free shipping. That shakes out to about $0.14 each.

Not only are they $1 per box cheaper than last year, when you order them online it’s free shipping and they cost the same amount as they do in-store!

In-store at Costco, you can find the FLTR kids masks alongside the adult masks in the health and wellness area near the Costco pharmacy.

FLTR Kids Face Masks at Costco
FLTR Kids Face Masks Come With Ear Loop Clips to Adjust Size Easily

Kids Mask Features:

  • Sized just for kids – About 20% Smaller than adult masks
  • Five vibrant, fun and gender neutral colors in each box
  • Includes 20 clips to adjust the ear loops for a proper fit on a variety of head/face sizes
  • General use only
  • FSA Eligible

5 Gender Neutral Colors

  • 10 Green Tie Dye
  • 10 Red
  • 10 Green Pixelated Camo
  • 10 Slate Grey
  • 10 Multicolor Tie Dye
FLTR Masks at Costco come in 5 fun gender neutral colors for kids.
FLTR Face Masks for Kids at Costco Come in 5 Fun Colors in Each Box

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