New Costco Finds February 6, 2023

New Costco Finds February 2023

We love reporting all our New Costco Finds – today we found some great new items, and some Costco fan favorites come back in stock. Keep your eyes out for these new products at your store! What new items did you find this week on your Costco run? PLEASE share what we’ve missed in the comments so we can look for them!

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New Costco Finds February 2023:

  • Ceramic Plant Pots in the Home & Garden Area: $49.99
    • Back for spring, very substantially sized pots!
  • Costco Fresh Sushi Party Platter: $24.99
    • New! Good Super Bowl party/hosting option!
  • Heavy Duty Canopy with Sidewalls (garage) $269.99
    • big enough for a car – looked very sturdy (but will need sandbags to weigh down – don’t think it came with those)
  • KitchenAid Dish Rack is back $29.99
    • comes back in store periodically, a kitchen favorite
  • Melamine Dinnerware Set $28.99
    • very brightly colored – wasn’t my personal style but cute set
  • Method Cleanser – 3 bottles – $8.49
    • great value and comes with 3 different types/scents
  • Chocolate Dipped Strawberries $12.99
    • Fan favorite item for Valentine’s day
    • VERY well priced when compared to any other retailer
  • Organic Protein – Peanut Butter Cup $31.99
    • Reviews I’ve read are good! Haven’t tried it yet though.
  • Organic Turmeric $5.99
  • Rolling Laundry Bin – $49.99
    • large size, perfect for farmhouse, french country or traditional style home
  • Shishito Peppers $5.99
    • big fan of these! we saute until cooked, then sprinkle some soy sauce on, delish!
  • Take and Bake Sourdough Loaves – Organic $8.99
    • I bought them and will get my review up as soon as I try it!
  • Red Velvet Mini Cakes decorated for valentine’s Day – $9.99/6
    • cute decoration on a classic favorite for Valentine’s Day – good value – these are good
  • Frozen Marinated Wild Salmon $21.59
    • haven’t tried these they look good, anyone had them?
    • Love that they’re wild
  • ZERO sugar soda variety pack with A&W, 7-Up, Sunkist $15.99/36

More New Costco Finds:

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