Costco Sushi Party Platter

Costco Sushi Party Tray - New Costco Finds

New Costco Find in the Costco Fresh Sushi section is this party tray of 4 kinds of sushi/nigiri! The Costco Sushi Party Platter is an easy appetizer or split for dinner! Great way to have a sushi meal and save money over take out!

More and more Costco stores are getting a fresh sushi case, if yours doesn’t have it keep looking, you might soon! And you can always request to the store manager to get a Costco fresh sushi section!

costco sushi party platter
New Costco Find! Snowfox Fresh Sushi Party Platter!

The Snow Fox Fresh Sushi Party Tray at Costco includes:

  • Salmon Nigiri
  • California Roll topped w avocado and jalapeño
  • Spicy mango california roll with tajin
  • California crunch roll

Where to Find the Sushi Party Tray it In-Store

Costco stores that offer fresh sushi will have a refrigerated case in the specialty aisles (usually on an end cap) near the Costco deli and prepared foods.

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Costco Sushi Party Platter Price & Item Number

Snowfox Fresh Sushi Party Platter at Costco costs $24.99 in-store. Costco Item #1724662

Sushi is not generally available to order on Same Day Costco however Costco does sell frozen sushi rolls as part of it’s online cold and frozen grocery delivery program. We haven’t tried them, and we’re hesitant on frozen sushi rolls…but depending where you live and how many sushi options you have locally, it may or may not be worth trying…if you do try it PLEASE send us your review!! Drop it in the comments on the contact form, we’d love to hear from you!!

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