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Goodles Cheddy Mac at Costco!

Goodles Costco

Brand new to Costco! Customers in California and Hawaii can now find Goodles Cheddy Mac at Costco stores!

If you don’t live in CA or HI, we’ll update this post as soon as we find it in more stores, in the meantime you can order your Cheddy Mac directly from Goodles or online at Whole Foods or at Amazon Prime. Of course, if you purchase your Goodles Cheddy Mac at Costco you’ll pay about 50% of the price anywhere else…and there’s always the Costco Mac n’ Cheese in the deli.


We Tried Goodles Cheddy Mac – Our Review

I preface this review with a few things. Firstly, truth be told, I don’t care much for boxed mac and cheese – I had seen so much on social media about this one and I appreciate it’s fortified with all kinds of stuff so I wanted to try it. Also, our normal boxed Mac of choice is Annie’s White Cheddar Mac and Cheese, and admittedly I do like the white cheddar much better as far as boxed mac goes. My picky kiddo (10 yo now) decided he didn’t like orange mac and cheese years ago, and we’ve never really bought it since. So I knew going in…I was getting something outside our standard.

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My Opinion: I made a box of Goodles in the afternoon while the kids were at school, and I thought it looked and tasted exactly like my recollection of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese – the classic yellow stuff. The color of the powdered cheese was almost day glow like Kraft which I don’t find appealing, and pretty much you make it the same way – a little milk, butter optional, basic mac out of the box. This said, it tasted fine and I think anyone looking to swap their other yellow mac for Goodles should absolutely do it – I am confident 98% of kids will not notice. Did I like it? Well, no…but that doesn’t mean the rest of the world won’t love it. I would love to see a variety pack or another flavor come to Costco, I’d definitely try another flavor.

My Kids Review: Since I didn’t eat it, when my kids got home I added a little more milk and heated and stirred it up…so front and center I didn’t set them up to like it. To be honest, I assumed they wouldn’t like it and didn’t want to make a whole new fresh box just to throw two boxes of it away and clean two pots. But…murphy’s law…they liked it. They both ate the entire bowl.

Conclusion: Goodles is kid-approved (even my picky 10yo!). It’s loaded with all kinds of vitamins and minerals and it’s non-gmo so a marked improvement from standard mac. If you’re looking for a healthier replacement I 100% recommend – especially while it’s at Costco it’s a super price! If you’re looking for an elevated flavor profile, this variety isn’t it but the manufacturer does make others that look hopeful (haven’t tried them yet though).

Goodles Cheddy Mac Features

  • Non-GMO
  • 14g of Protein
  • 6g of Fiber
  • 21 Nutrients and added Prebiotics
  • Clean Label Certified

Costco Price & Item Number

Goodles Cheddy Mac, 8 x 6 oz is Costco Item #1716158

Goodles Cheddy Mac 8 boxes 6oz each is $17.89 in-store or $20.93 on Same Day Costco.

That shakes out to about $2.24 a box if you buy in in-store – compare that with about $4 a box everywhere else…

It’s rated 4.5 stars on over 2700 reviews on the Goodles website, and has quite a following on social media – we’re excited to try it (but we haven’t gotten our hands on it yet).

Nutrition & Ingredients

You can view the Goodles nutritional label and ingredients on line at the manufacturer’s website.

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