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Folding Costco Wagon from Mac Sports – Review

Costco Wagon

I’m on my second folding Costco wagon from Mac Sports now and they are great! We use our collapsible wagon for our beach gear, to tote snacks and drinks for after kids soccer games, bring party supplies in for birthdays, hauling materials into school, and more. They are incredibly handy to have, and the fold up and down REALLY easily! Costco has the BEST DEAL on the Mac Sports XL folding wagons – which are the highest quality utility wagon around. Scroll down to see photos, pricing, and our Costco folding wagon review!

Just to clarify, the fist Costco wagon we had was stolen…it didn’t break or stop working! I left it in our driveway, and we live in a very urban area…can’t leave stuff in the driveway…my fault 100%.


A few months ago we featured the NCAA branded Rawlings Wagons, which are super fun especially if it comes in your alma mater…but this is the wagon I personally own and so I wanted to review it for you all 🙂

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Why I Love the Costco Wagon from Mac Sports – Review

These little wagons do heavy duty jobs, yet fold up so easily you can store one in a small car trunk. It’s on my family gear essentials list. They carry a ton of weight, the nylon is extremely durable, they have all terrain wheels and they’re easy to wash and keep clean. They are super handy for all kinds of outdoor events!

They also have several exterior drink holders and an accessory pouch so they hold everything. It even comes with a cargo net so you can tie down all the contents. The Mac Sports folding wagon at Costco is an XL wagon, so it holds even more than the standard sized folding wagons.

The Costco wagon weighs 26 lbs, which isn’t super light so I wouldn’t recommend carrying it around but it’s fairly easy for most adults to lift in and out of a car trunk or storage area.

We use this at the beach, but just to clarify, it doesn’t roll on the sand at the beach. My husband basically just drags it on the sand – it’s a beast job but much more efficient than making 5 trips back and forth to the car. It’s essentially just a holder of the stuff. The more you put in it, the more it weighs down into sand and harder to drag…so I’d suggest when you can carry a small but heavy object (say a small cooler with water) then carry that…and use the wagon for the larger but not so heavy stuff like beach chairs, a bag full of beach toys, beach umbrellas, etc.

Note: this wagon does come with a cargo net to help hold everything down, but it does not have a canopy.

Collapsible wagon at Costco - Product folded compactly
Mac Sports Folding Wagon at Costco – Collapsed

Costco Wagon Features:

  • Comfort-Grip Handle
  • Easy Fold
  • Cargo Net Included
  • Larger Volume Capacity
  • Strong Solid Frame Construction
  • 300 Pound Weight Load Capacity
  • Folds compactly and stores easily
  • No Assembly Required
  • Folds Open and Closed in a Matter of Seconds

Mac Sports XL Wagon Specs

  • Folded dimension: 29.53” L x 20.47” W x 7.87” H
  • Open dimension: 52.75” L x 20.08” W x 29.53” H
  • Wheel size: 7-7/8”
  • Wheel material: rubber (Outer) and plastic (Inner)
  • Net Weight: 26 lb.

Costco Price & Item Number.

Mac Sports Extended Folding Wagon is Costco Item #1539911

You can order the Costco Wagon online with free shipping for $89.99 too!

Mac Sports Wagon Model WTCX-300

See what’s new at Costco:


How much is a folding wagon at Costco?

The beloved Mac Sports XL folding wagon at Costco is $89.99 including delivery.

Does Costco sell wagons?

Costco sells folding wagons. Seasonally you can find them in-store during the Spring/early summer, and they’re generally available year round online at Costco.com.

Can kids ride in a collapsible wagon?

Standard folding wagons certainly aren’t designed for children – they don’t have any padding at the bottom so it’s not comfortable. That said, my kids have ridden in mine on occasion/in a pinch, and I didn’t have safety concerns about it. But if you’re looking for an everyday wagon for children, buy the type that are specifically made for kids. They will more comfortable and safer.

What is the weight limit of the Costco Wagon from Mac Sports?

The Mac Sports XL Folding Costco Wagon has a weight limit of 300 pounds.

What brand is the Costco folding wagon?

The folding wagon at Costco is from Mac Sports. Costco also occasionally carries university/college NCAA branded folding wagons from Rawlings.

How much does a Costco wagon weigh?

The Mac Sports XL Costco wagon weighs 26 lbs.

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