Dead Mouse Head Found in Kirkland Signature Ravioli at Costco

Costco Safety Alert

We hate writing on topics like this, but it’s all over social media so we wanted to show you original post that reported it, so you can know exactly what happened. On January 21, an Instagram user posted on social media that she found a dead mouse head in a package of Kirkland Signature Organic Spinach and Cheese ravioli. She included a video of the receipt and the dead mouse head she found in the package (warning, it’s graphic). See exact caption and link to her post below. It appears she is now in contact with Costco regarding the incident.

Obviously this is gross and alarming, and in our experience Costco is VERY proactive about reaching out to customers about safety issues. As of today (January 22nd) we have not seen a recall issued by Costco. You can check the current Costco Recalls here.


The post stated:

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My mom and sister went to Costco on Flagler today for groceries.
They bought the Kirkland frozen Spinach and Cheese Organic Ravioli. When they got back home, they began preparing the dish. Right before they begin eating, my sister notices something under one of the raviolis. What you may ask? Well a severed rat head with whiskers intact that’s what.
What do we do? 

Instagram User LAUMEDINA

See Instagram Post here (warning, it’s graphic)

Dead Mouse Head Found in Costco Ravioli
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That’s all the information we have now.

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