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2023 Costco LEGO Advent Calendars Back In-Store

Costco LEGO Advent Calendars

Costco LEGO Advent Calendars are back in stores for Christmas 2023! This year Costco is carrying a Harry Potter LEGO Advent Calendar and Marvel Avengers LEGO Advent Calendar in-store. There are no longer Star Wars, Guardians of the Galaxy, LEGO City or LEGO Friends Advent calendars at Costco. This year it’s just those two! LEGO Advent calendars are a fan favorite holiday STEM activity for kids featuring holiday themed mini LEGO builds for the 24 day countdown to Christmas – and each set DOES include mini figs!

You can find the LEGO Advent calendars in stock right now in-store at Costco alongside all the holiday toys! These are a fan favorite at Costco, and they do sell out. If I had to guess, I would speculate that the Harry Potter will sell out, and we may see the Marvel calendar linger on a little longer but that’s just a guess…they’re a great price and I suggest you get yours before Thanksgiving if you want one.


Money Saving ProTip: Last year we did see the LEGO Advent Calendars marked down on clearance as the season went on – BUT – as with all clearance whether your store ever sees it on clearance will depend entirely on how well it sells at your local Costco, and thus how many are left when they need to clear stock to make room for new product. If you’re lukewarm about getting one, then you could roll the dice and grab one for as low as $10 (the clearance price we saw last year)!

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My Review of Costco LEGO Advent Calendars

LEGO Advent calendars are really fun, my kids loved them when they were younger. We started them around age 5 (though you should note that they are intended for age 7+) and with minor assistance my kids could build them. That said, my kids didn’t put toys like this in their mouth…definitely make a choice that’s right for your kids when it comes to age 🙂

My kids are 9 and 10 now and tend to be hot and cold on LEGOs (one day they’ll build a set, then not touch them for 9 months) so we don’t buy it anymore, but I highly recommend for kids who are into LEGO!

While these are intended to be opened 1 per day for the 24 days leading up to Christmas, of course you can allocate them any way you like, and use them as mini incentive/reward toys, or as part of your home based STEM learning toys.

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Harry Potter LEGO Advent at Costco – 2023

The 2023 Harry Potter Licensed LEGO Advent Calendars at Costco feature Harry Potter mini figs and come with 227 pieces divided into 24 mini daily builds. This set is designed for ages 7 and up.

Harry Potter LEGO Advent Calendar from Costco - 2023 Edition
2023 Costco LEGO Advent Calendar in Harry Potter

Marvel Avengers LEGO Advent Calendar at Costco – 2023

The 2023 Marvel Licensed LEGO Advent Calendars at Costco feature Avengers mini figs and come with 243 pieces divided into 24 mini daily builds. This is designed for ages 7 and up.

Costco LEGO Advent Calendar 2023 Marvel
Marvel LEGO Advent Calendar at Costco

Costco Price and Item Number

LEGO Advent Calendar is Costco Item Number 1022915 and costs $34.99 in-store. They are the same price as last year!

Ordering Advent Calendars from Costco Online

At this time, all three of the LEGO Advent calendar 2023 are only available in-store at Costco, and are not online at Costco.com. You can check to see if Costco adds the LEGO Advent Calendars on Costco.com here.

See Them In-Store

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What is a LEGO Advent Calendar?

Each LEGO Advent calendar features 24 daily mini LEGO kits. Each mini build is a small piece of the scene you see featured on the front cover of the box including the minifigures.

While some days are very very simple, others contain more bricks and build larger pieces. They are all very mini lego sets though (as you’d expect for 24 of them for under $40 right?).

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  1. Costco has neither of these Advent Calendars, in store or online. The only one that comes up with a search is Borgo de Medici Cookie Advent Calendar 2-pack.

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