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Costco LEGO Advent Calendars are back in stores for Christmas 2022! This year we have a Star Wars LEGO Advent Calendar, a Harry Potter LEGO Advent Calendar and a Guardians of the Galaxy LEGO Advent Calendar. These fun STEM oriented advent calendars for kids offer a small holiday themed LEGO build for the 24 day countdown to Christmas and include mini figs!

We’re excited the lego advent calendar 2022 release date has finally arrived, and you can find all three of these LEGO Advent calendars in stock right now in-store at Costco! But these are a fan favorite at Costco, and they do sell out. They do not go on sale so don’t wait if you want one!


ProTip: This year we’ve found that you can order these LEGO Advent Calendars for the same or a LESSER price online…we suggest checking these Advent Calendars before purchasing it at Costco.

Each daily mini LEGO kit is a small piece of the scene you see featured on the front cover of the box including the minifigures. While some days are very very simple, others contain quite a few pieces and build larger pieces.

In past years Costco has offered the LEGO City Advent Calendar and the LEGO Friends Advent Calendars, but they are no longer available at Costco. You can find the LEGO City Advent Calendar 2022 here and the LEGO Friends 2022 Advent Calendar here.

See the other Costco Advent Calendars like the 2022 Costco Wine Advent or the 2022 Costco Beer Advent.

Why We Love Them

The Costco LEGO advent calendars from Costco are a good mix of small building activities that most kids over age 6 can work on independently. With parent help, kids a bit younger should be able to do these as well – please note these are traditional small LEGO pieces, so not suitable for kids still putting things in their mouth. Consider an advent calendar like this Little People Advent or this Paw Patrol Advent for the younger kiddos.

These are a great gift for kids who are LEGO fans. Our kids got their first LEGO Advent calendar at age 5 and really loved them and were able to follow the instructions and build them pretty independently, play with them and set them up like a little holiday display. You can definitely use these as little rewards or for a vacation.

2022 LEGO Advent Calendars at Costco

The Costco LEGO Advent calendars are available this year for Christmas 2022 in Harry Potter, Star Wars and Guardians of the Galaxy. Truth be told…these are a better deal and you can just order them from Amazon – if you just click any of these below it’ll show you several others similar to it – I think you’ll find on the whole it’s the same price or less!

Harry Potter LEGO Advent

The manufacturer recommends the LEGO Harry Potter Advent Calendar for kids ages 7+.

ProTip: You can order the Harry Potter Advent Calendar on Amazon for the same price (at the time of posting at least!). They also carry a Funko-Pop version, and a few others.

Costco LEGO Advent Calendars Now In-Store for Christmas 2022
Harry Potter LEGO Advent Calendar 2022 at Costco

Star Wars LEGO Advent

The manufacturer recommends the LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar for kids ages 6+.

ProTip: The Star Wars LEGO advent is also available on Amazon for the same price – and there are funko pop versions, and more options in the Star Wars theme.

Disney Star Wars LEGO Advent Calendar now at Costco - Ages 6+
LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar 2022

Guardians of the Galaxy Advent

The manufacturer recommends the LEGO Guardians of the Galaxy Advent Calendar for kids ages 6+.

Guardians of the Galaxy LEGO Advent Calendar from Marvel/Disney now at Costco for Christmas 2022
Costco LEGO Advent Calendar 2022 - Guardians of the Galaxy

Costco Item Number & Price

LEGO Advent Calendar is Costco Item Number 1582469 and costs $34.99 in-store.

This represents a $5 price increase compared with the 2021 Costco LEGO Advent Calendars.

Ordering Advent Calendars Online

At this time, all three of the LEGO Advent calendar 2022 are only available in-store at Costco, and are not online at Last year in 2021, the Costco LEGO Advent calendars were online at for $37.99, so expect we may see them available in the near future.

If you’re looking to order an advent calendar online, we recommend these advent calendars for kids which are all available to order now on Amazon:

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